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<p>Blogroll allows you to display on your blog a list of links to other blogs or websites that 
you wish to suggest to your visitors. </p>
  <dd>Here are displayed your links and categories. Categories are displayed in bold characters. 
  You can reorder this list by dragging its items upwards or downwards. Once done, clic on "save order". 
  The order chosen here will be applied to links displayed on the blog with the Blogroll widget.
  Clic on a link or category to edit it.<br />
  <dt>Delete selected links</dt>
  <dd>Allows you to delete links or categories by checking the boxes next to each of them.</dd>
  <dt>Add a new link</dt>
      <li><strong>Title : </strong>Type here the anchor text. For example "Jules and Julie". This field is mandatory.</li>
      <li><strong>URL : </strong>Type here the link's destination. It must begin with http://. This field is mandatory.</li>
      <li><strong>Description : </strong>Type here a short description for the link (will be displayed in a tooltip). For example "Jules and Julie world trip".</li>
      <li><strong>Language : </strong>Type here a two characters code for the destination language (for example en for english).</li>

  <dt>Add a category</dt>
  <dd>Links categories allow you to classify links diplayed by the Blogroll widget. They are displayed in bold characters.
  Type here the category's name.</dd>
  <dt>Import links</dt>
  <dd>This option allows you to import links from an OPML or XBEL file. </dd>
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