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  <title>User preferences</title>


<h3>My profile</h3>
  <dt>Name, First name</dt>
  <dd>If the display name is empty, the author's name will be displayed
  as his Firstname and Name as set here.</dd>
  <dt>Display name</dt>
  <dd>You can choose here a nickname that will be displayed in your posts instead of your name and first name.</dd>
  <dd>Address where will be sent the new comment notifications.</dd>
  <dd>The user's web site. If set, the author name will be displayed as
  a link to the said site.</dd>
  <dt>User language</dt>
  <dd>The language in wich one publishes his posts. If the translation exists,
  the interface will also be displayed in that language.</dd>
  <dt>User timezone</dt>
  <dd>That choice will define the time displayed on post publication.</dd>
  <dt>Change your password</dt>
  <dd>To change your password, write down twice your password in the fields 
  <em>New password</em> and <em>Confirm password</em>. The minimal password length is 6 characters. 
  If no new password is provided, the current one is kept.</dd>
<h3>My options</h3>
  <dt>Preferred format</dt>
  <dd>To choose the prefered post syntax. Wiki is a simplified syntax
  and will be converted to valid xhtml&nbsp;; Unless you have a perfect
  understanding of html, we advise you to choose the wiki syntax.</dd>
  <dt>Default entry status</dt>
  <dd>The default entry status can be set to:
      <li><strong>pending:</strong> the publication status has not yet been decided.</li>
      <li><strong>scheduled:</strong> the post will be set online at the time and date
      set in the <em>Published on</em> field.</li>
      <li><strong>unpublished:</strong> the post is offline.</li>
      <li><strong>published:</strong> the post is online.</li>
  <dt>Entry edit field height</dt>
  <dd>The height of the Entry edit field. Defaults to 24.</dd>
  <dt>Enable WYSIWYG mode</dt>
  <dd>Allow the use of the WYSIWYG editor for the posts and description fields.</dd>
  <dt>Activate enhanced uploader in media manager</dt>
  <dd>This option allows you to upload several files at the same time on your server.
  Needs the presence of Flash plugin in your browser.</dd>
  <dt>Dashboard modules</dt>
  <dd>Choices made in this zone will be reflected on your blog's dashboard.</dd>
  <dt>Tags list format</dt>
  <dd>This choice allows, in post editing page, to display all available tags 
  or only most used ones.</dd>
<h3>My favorites</h3>
  <dt>My favorites</dt>
  <dd>This zone displays the chosen favorites on the blog's dashboard. 
  They can be reordered with your mouse if javascript is activated in your browser. 
  Otherwise, a field allows to give them an ordering number. When you are finished, do not forget 
  to save your changes. You may also select favorites to be deleted from the list.</dd>
  <dt>Available favorites</dt>
  <dd>All plugins allowing to be put as favorites are diplayed here. Check the corresponding boxes 
  and add them to the dashboard.</dd>
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