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  <title>Media manager</title>


<h3>Media list</h3>
<p>The media manager's main page displays a list of available files (medias)
for the currently selected blog.</p>

<p>You can click the icons or names of the medias in the folder or any
subfolder to display them.</p>

<p>Selecting a MP3 sound file displays a player to immediately play
the file. The Flash plugin must be installed on your browser for
this player to operate.</p>

<p>The images are displayed with a thumbnail when possible.</p>

<h3>Add files</h3>
  <dt>Choose a file</dt>
  <dd>Here you can select one of your local files to send it on your 
  blog. Should the file be bigger than the maximum size, it will not be sent.</dd>
  <dd>Optional title for the file you want to send.</dd>
  <dd>Check this if you want the file to be private, i.e. accessible only by
  its owner and not accessible from the blog.</dd>

<h3>New folder</h3>
<p>This form allows you to create an new subfolder in the currently displayed
folder. Just choose a name for it as you would do on your own computer.</p>

<h3>Media details</h3>
<p>This page displays a set of informations about the currently selected
file and allows you to perform a few operations.</p>

  <dt>File name</dt>
  <dd>Change the file name of the current file.</dd>
  <dt>File title</dt>
  <dd>Give a title to the file, or change the current one.</dd>
  <dt>File date</dt>
  <dd>Change the file date.</dd>
  <dd>Specify that the file will be hidden to anyone but its owner in the media manager.</dd>
  <dt>New directory</dt>
  <dd>Allows you to move the file in another folder.</dd>
  <dt>Change file</dt>
  <dd>With this form, you can replace the file while keeping all the attributes
  (name, title...). As always, you have to respect the maximum file size.</dd>

<h3>A specific treatment for images</h3>
<p>When you add an image, depending of its size, up to four versions will be made available:</p>
  <li><strong>square</strong>: a 48x48 pixels square thumbnail,</li>
  <li><strong>thumbnail</strong>: the image reduced to 100 pixels on its longest side.</li>
  <li><strong>small</strong>: the longuest side is reduced to 240 pixels.</li>
  <li><strong>medium</strong>: the longuest side is reduced to 500 pixels.</li>
  <li><strong>original</strong>: the original, unchanged image.</li>
<p>Default size for the versions thumbnail, small and medium can be modified in your blog's parameters.</p>

<h3>Add a file to an entry</h3>
<p>You can easily attach a file to one of your posts. First, create a new post
and save it. Then click on "Add files to this entry" to open the media manager.</p>

<p>Just click on the [+] icon (Attach this file to entry). The file will then
be attached to the post.</p>

<p>The attached files will be shown on the post page, as a list beside the post content.
The MP3 files will be made available through the Flash player, so that they can easily by read by visitors.</p>

<h3>Podcast and broadcasting of music files</h3>
<p>All attached files will be included in your RSS feeds, allowing for easy
podcasting of any type of file.</p>

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