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<h3>Categories list</h3>
  <dt>Create a new category</dt>
  <dd>Choose the name you wish to use for your new category
  then click on Save to validate its creation. you may leave it at the first level or choose its parent. 
  To modify your category, click on its name in the list.</dd>
  <dt>Delete a category</dt>
  <dd>Choose the category you wish to delete in the selection menu and click ok.
  A category can be deleted only if it contains no posts.</dd>
  <dt>Reorder categories</dt>
  <dd>Use this option to place all categories at the same level.
  If you wish to reorder a category respectively to other categories,
  click on its name and choose its parent and its position respectively to its siblings.</dd>

<h3>Modifying a category</h3>
  <dd>Choose the name you wish to give to your category
  the click on Save to validate.</dd>
  <dd>DotClear creates a default url for the category, making it reachable 
  with a path similar to this one : 
  <strong>http://monblog.tld/category/My-category</strong>. You can click
  on the small lock on the right to modify it according to your needs.</dd>
  <dd>What's inside the description field will be shown when selecting
  one of the blog's categories. You can fill it with any kind of content
  (paragraphs, lists, etc.) The format used for this field is HTML.</dd>
  <dt>Move this category</dt>
  <dd>You can move the category as a child of any other by choosing its parent.
  You can also specify the category position respectively to its siblings by placing it before or after any of them.</dd>

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