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  <title>Dokeos Server Dependencies</title>
 <h1>Dokeos server dependencies</h1>
 <p>In the ever-evoluting web environment, Dokeos has to rely on state-of-the-art third-party 
 software in order to provide you with useful and practical features. Some of this third-party software
 usually come bundled with your operating system, but some don't. This means that if that software is
 not installed on your Dokeos server, along with Dokeos, you might not enjoy the best possible
 experience with your Dokeos platform. To avoid this problem, most of the sofware we used is bundled 
 into a typical Dokeos install.<br/> 
 However, if such a third-party software is too big to be included, or if it doesn't make sense to 
 includ it for whatever reason, you must make sure it is installed on your system. 
 This is the goal of this list: to help you keep a track of what software is needed and, 
 as much as possible, where to get the required information to install it.</p>
 <p>The third-party software we have bundled inside Dokeos can be found in the 
 <a href="#included_dependencies">Included Dependencies</a> section below. The software you need
 to install manually is located in the <a href="#dependencies">section</a>.</p>
 <a name="dependencies"></a>
 	<li> Apache 1.3 or 2</li>
 	<li> PHP4.3.0 (or greater) with MySQL bindings
	<li> MySQL database server
 <a name="included_dependencies"></a>
 <h2>Included Dependencies</h2>
 	<li>FCKEditor (previously HTMLArea)
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