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$yournametxt           	= "Your Name:";
$youremailtxt		= "Your Email:";
$yourMessagetxt 	= "Your Message:";
$submitbutton 		= "Submit Guestbook Entry";
$headingtitletxt 	= "Guestbook";
$addentrytxt 		= "Add Entry";
$viewguestbooktxt 	= "View Guestbook";
$newpostfirsttxt 	= "New Post First";
$newpostlasttxt 	= "New Post Last";
$addentryheadtxt	= "Guestbook Entry Result:";
$error1			= "The Name you specified is too long.";
$error2			= "The Email you specified is too long.";
$error3			= "Invalid Email. Entry Not Processed!";
$error4			= "Empty fields: <b>Your name</b>";
$error5			= "Empty fields: <b>Your email</b>";
$error6			= "Empty fields: <b>Message</b>";
$error7			= "Your Addition to the Guestbook could not be processed at this time";
$error8			= "Please try again in a few minutes";
$goback			= "Click here to go back";
$result1		= "Following Message was added to the Guestbook on";
$result2		= "Entry Written";
$listnametxt		= "From";
$listemailtxt		= "Email";
$listMessagetxt		= "Message";
$listDatetxt		= "Date";

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