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-- Release Notes RC1 beta build 1001 --
-- 09/19/2009 --

Bug Fixes:
IE7 compatibility
	board - while adding the GPL copyright notice to the code it broke because IE7 expects the doctype delcaration to be on the first line
	popup dialogs - there were some css bugs within IE7 that caused the formating to be skewed

-- Next release build 1002 --
After adding new task the task link displayed in message area needs to be larger
Add task description to the project dialog under the items tab
Next and previous buttons in the task dialog box
Search return link after task click thru
Additional search options
Recode the pool items menu
Common includes directory to keep code consistancy
Error message consistancy
Board hovers recode
Links support in comments
board menu recode - tabbed board controls (project/team, active/inactive) and added top breadcrumb menu with dialog buttons
Team dialog box tab for deleted items - will give the ability to "undelete"
Bug fix - if team name is longer than 9 characters text is over layed in the task dialog box
Bug fix - check for valid user and group cookies if using multiple boards under different domains
Bug fix - do not allow deletion of the user currently logged in
Bug fix - team dialog tab cookies do not funcation properly
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