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devalcms v1.3rel

very simple cms, no funky database, just PHP and files...
easy to maintenance with FTP only... and now almost without ftp...
and now with WYSIWYG editor! (tinyMCE)
please read readme.txt for changes in v1.3 pre  

just put on any folder on your web server and you ready to go 

put all data in folder 'data' (you can set this later with config.php), with this rule:
sub folder >> submenu
default.php >> first page show
*.php >> content and code
*.zip >> files for download
*.jpg >> pictures
you can learn from the sample content 

for theme you can edit:

modules is something that u can embed anywhere in index.php or pages
for additional modules please put on folder modules, dont forget to make your own folder
loading a modules is simple, call loadmodule('path/modulename') from index.php 

you can set
password, default page, folder data, website name
with config.php 

you can login and upload files then...

 function mystriprelative for fixing relative path security issue
 reltive path security issue (fixed in sesman.php, new.php, del.php)

 new folder
 rename folder
 move file
 insert image integration with tinymce
 make tinymce simple 
 nice menu
 theme -> every page could have different theme.css
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