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// User Settings
// mySQL settings

// computer, on which the mySQL instance runs
$dbserver = "localhost";

// on which DNS name the Apache deltasql server is published (no SLASH at the end)

$test_system=true; // set to false in production
                   // else it will display admin password on login.

// default database type for schemas managed by deltasql
// If set to true, the wiki and mailing lists are disabled
// The $enterprise_logo is used as logo				

// for performance reason, you might want disable SQL highlighting in the
// synchronization form

// disables the top ten submitters link

// if your clients are preinstalled, you might want to disable the table
// with external clients like dbredactor and ant-client on the main page

// default script title when submitting a new script
$default_script_title="db update";

// used to include piwiki stats (only for www.gpu-grid.net/deltasql/
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