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  <p align="justify" ><b class="label">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; ‘Decider’ system was developed in order to address the most common but important issues that the system analyst has to cope with when conducting interviews. It provides the facility of storing data obtained in past interviews related to different systems. When the analyst has to conduct new interviews for new system he/she would be provided the past conducted interviews information related to similar systems he/she had done previously. Here the analyst is supposed to feed some prerequisite information into ‘Decider’ system and determine the domain which current system belongs to and key persons of current system. After acquiring sufficient information analyst may make conclusions about the interviewed systems and feed them also into the ‘Decider’. These feedbacks may be in the form of use cases or scenarios. </p>   
  <p align="justify" ><b class="label">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;The ‘Decider’ system is mainly for system analysts. Basically all the administration activities and questions selection process should be done locally. This means that the analyst has to operate the computer where the system exists. </p>

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