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//get the q parameter from URL
$q=$_GET["quiz"];//lookup all hints from array if length of q>0



//aquiring data for fake key person id
$my_query="select * from client_key_person where Id='".$k_p."'";




//aquiring data for real key person id
$q_string="select * from quiz,client_feedback where turn='".$q."' and Keyperson_Id='".$k_p."' and Quiz_id=Id";

//$abc="SELECT * FROM initial_answers,initial_quiz WHERE Client_Name ='".$client."' AND Initial_Quiz_Id=Id "


	while($sqa = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
		//Return each page title seperated by a newline.
		echo "<b>Q.".' '.$i."</b> ".$sqa['Question']."<br> <br> <b>Answer:</b>".' '.$sqa['Answer']."<br> <br>";



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