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<?php require_once("includes/acl.inc"); ?>
<p class="pgtitle">System: Statistics</p>

if($settings['USE_MRTG']) {
  if (!file_exists('mrtg/load.html')) {
  infobox("No statistics available", "Did you install mrtg and configure it according to the README file?".
          " Run the configuration check to see if you did it correctly".
          "<br>(But don't panic, it might just be that MRTG haven't been run yet and outputed any files)");
  } else {

    // settings default selected
    $selected[''.$_POST['stat'].''] = "selected";

    // printing the select box
    print "<form name=\"stats\" method=\"post\" action=\"\">".
          "<select name=\"stat\">".
          "<option $selected[load] value=\"load\">System Statistics - Load</option>\n".
          "<option $selected[processes] value=\"processes\">System Statistics - Processes</option>\n".
          "<option $selected[swap] value=\"swap\">System Statistics - Swap</option>\n".
          "<option $selected[uptime] value=\"uptime\">System Statistics - Uptime</option>\n".
          "<option $selected[tcp] value=\"tcp\">System Statistics - Open Connections</option>\n".
          "</select>&nbsp;<input type=\"submit\" name=\"changestat\" value=\"Change\"><br>\n".

        // a change switch thingy
        if (isset($_POST['stat'])) {
            switch ($_POST['stat']) {
              case "load":
                $statfile = 'mrtg/load.html';
              case "processes":
                $statfile = 'mrtg/processes.html';
              case "swap":
                $statfile = 'mrtg/swap.html';
              case "uptime":
                $statfile = 'mrtg/uptime.html';
              case "tcp":
                $statfile = 'mrtg/tcp.html';
                $statfile = 'mrtg/load.html';

        // setting default stat page if none is selected
        } else {
          $statfile = 'mrtg/load.html';

// puts the contents of the mrtg output in a variable and clean up some unwanted html tags (so it validates :)
$mrtgfile = file_get_contents("$statfile");
$unwanted = array('@<head[^>]*?>.*?</head>@si','@<!DOCTYPE[^>]*?>hide@address.com','@<BODY[^>]*?>hide@address.com','@</BODY>hide@address.com','@<HTML>hide@address.com','@</HTML>hide@address.com');
$cleaned = preg_replace($unwanted, '', $mrtgfile);

// replaces the img src tags so it's correct according to the GUI
$fixedmrtg = str_replace('SRC="','SRC="mrtg/', $cleaned);
print "$fixedmrtg";

} else {
  errorbox("Disabled","MRTG is disabled in the config file, correct this if you want to use MRTG");
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