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<li>Link to your download page, not your main page.</li>
<li>Download link must be clearly visible on the page.</li>
<li>No URL masking or timed redirection services.</li>
<li>No scripts, no active X or any other garbage on the page.</li>
<li>No popups (Freehost popups are ok).</li>
<li>Do not submit the same URL again within 5 days.</li>
<li>Do not submit more than <?php echo $maximumsubmissions; ?> downloads per day.</li>
<li>Do not change the download page after you submit it.</li>
<li>No AdBrite interstitials or equivalent full-page ads</li>
<li>Do not use ALL CAPS.</li>
<li>Do not falsly hype up the download name with words like "Full" or "Retail" etc, use the <u>actual file name</u>.</li>
<li>Forum links: download links must be viewable by guests without having to register or reply to that topic (No hide hack).</li>
<li>Video Streams/[You/Porn/Etc]Tube Movies: Must be labelled "(Stream)" and choose the appropriate category (Movie/TV/Xxx) OR select the "Stream" category if it's available.</li>
<li>Porn links: must contain at least 5MB worth of movies.</li>
<li>No Bittorrent, no eDonkey, and no eMule links.</li>
<li>English pages only.</li>
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