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<h2>What is a DDL site?</h2>
<p>DDL stands for "Direct DownLoads."  DDL sites used to have direct links to file downloads. With the advent of file upload/backup services, the download links are no longer direct (per se) but the websites with user-submitted download links are still known today as DDL sites.
<h2>How do I download anything?</h2>
<p>This site works by indexing links from other websites. So, after clicking on a download, a new window will open. The top frame will provide options to help you with your download. The larger main frame will be where you will find the actual download information. If the download is from a file hosting service such as Rapidshare or Megaupload, you need to download each file by loading it in a new window and waiting for the download link to appear.
<h2>What do I do after I download?</h2>
<p>Nearly all files that you download are archived into .rar or .zip format. To use these you must install a rar/zip software such as WinRAR or WinZip. 
Then you need to extract all files to a folder.  Follow the instructions that should be included with the download.
<h2>What do I do if the files are password protected?</h2>
<p>The password is most likely the URL from where the warez file was downloaded (possibly even with 'www.' or 'http://'). If that is not the case try the URL of the website (of the respective warez file). If that still isn't the password try to contact the poster or site administrator of the respective site.
<h2>Does your website have spyware or viruses?</h2>
<p>No way! Our website does not contain any spyware / viruses or any other malicious code that can cause harm to your computer. However, because we index links to other websites, we can not guarantee that every link will be a safe one. This is why we recommend you scan any downloaded files to ensure they are safe and to use Firefox for more secure safe web browsing. We try to only index clean sites but we can not guarantee these sites are 100% user-friendly. However, we strive to bring you the best and safest downloads possible.
<h2>I tried to download a file, but the link didn't work.</h2>
<p>Some files get deleted due to copyright complaints. If there is a popular download, there is usually more chance of the files(s) being deleted. If you find a bad download link, you can report the link as being dead by using the "Report Dead Link" function which is located at the top of every download page. This will help us keep our download database clean and more user-friendly.
<h2>Can I submit my site's downloads?</h2>
<p>Yes, every site that follows our <a href="submit.php" target="_blank"><b>Rules</b></a> can submit downloads to us.  If you followed the rules your site will get listed.</p>
<h2>Can we trade links?</h2>
<p>Of course! We encourage all webmasters to trade links with us.  You can join our <a href="topsites/accounts.php" target="_blank"><b>Traffic Trade</b></a> or you can join our <a href="instantle/form.php" target="_blank"><b>Instant Link Exchange</b></a>.  If you cheat, your website URL and your IP address can be banned at the click of a button... don't do it!</p>
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