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<p><?php echo $site_name; ?> is a "DDL" site, or, a Direct DownLoads website.  Our website indexes and provides links to content (the Direct DownLoads)
submitted to us by other websites.  Once these pages are submitted to us, they are added to a "verification" list.  <?php echo $site_name; ?> 
 then sorts through this list of links and weeds out bad or dead links, illegal submissions, or any submission that does not comply 
with our <a href="<?php echo $site_url; ?>/tos.php" target="_blank">Terms of Service</a>.</p>
<p>None of the pages on <?php echo $site_name; ?> contain viruses or spyware. Third-party links that you visit from our site 
may contain popups, spyware,  auto-installing scripts.  We do our best to blacklist sites that submit such pages.
We recommend you use an antivirus and an antispyware program on your computer, whenever you surf the web.  See
our <a href="<?php echo $site_url; ?>/tools.php" target="_blank">Tools</a> page for recommendations.</p>
<p><?php echo $site_name; ?> does not host any files.  See our <a href="<?php echo $site_url; ?>/tos.php" target="_blank">Terms of Service</a>
and our <a href="<?php echo $site_url; ?>/dmca.php" target="_blank">DMCA Policy</a>.</p>
<p>See our <a href="<?php echo $site_url; ?>/faq.php" target="_blank">FAQ</a> for help on downloading files.</p>
<p>See our <a href="<?php echo $site_url; ?>/contact.php" target="_blank">contact</a> page for information on how to contact us.</p>
<p>See our <a href="<?php echo $site_url; ?>/tools.php" target="_blank">Tools</a> page for a list of common software programs that you will find useful.</p>
<p>Be sure to <a rel="nofollow" href="javascript:bookmarksite(document.title, location.href)" onmouseover="schnapp('Favorites','','<?php echo $site_url; ?>/bookmarks/ie_ani.gif',1); window.status='Add <?php echo $site_name; ?> To Favorites'; return true;" onmouseout="schnipp(); window.status=''">Bookmark</a> us, and also share our website on your favourite social networking site!</p>
<p>Please <a href="<?php echo $site_url; ?>/linktous.php" target="_blank">Link To Us</a> if you own a website and wish to help us out!</p>
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