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	<h1>DantoBB <em>Readme</em></h1>
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		<p>Welcome to the DantoBB introduction document. This file gives some general information regarding DantoBB, how to install/upgrade, etc.</p>
			<li><a href="#whats-dantobb">What's DantoBB?</a></li>
			<li><a href="#install-dantobb">Install DantoBB</a></li>
			<li><a href="#upgrade-dantobb">Upgrade an existing DantoBB</a></li>
			<li><a href="#more-info">More information</a></li>
		<h2 id="whats-dantobb">What's DantoBB?</h2>
		<p>DantoBB is an <strong>Open Source</strong> forum package developed in <acronym title="PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor">PHP</acronym> 4 and using the popular <acronym title="An Open Source database management system">MySQL</acronym> database back-end to store data. Unlike other popular forum systems, DantoBB does not strive to have as many features as possible, but to be the <strong>easiest and most usable</strong> forum package, limiting the basic feature set to only the essential. DantoBB is <strong><em>pure</em> forum software</strong>.</p>
		<p>DantoBB is an ideal solution for small to medium-sized websites which require an easy to use forum package without the <acronym title="Unnecessary features"><em>bloat</em></acronym>, that produces <strong>standards compliant</strong> output, is secure and easily configurable.</p>
		<p>For a list of features, see the <a href="http://www.dantobb.com/features.php/">feature list at DantoBB.Com</a>.</p>
		<h2 id="install-dantobb">Install DantoBB</h2>
		<p>Before you install DantoBB, you have to make sure your host accords to the following system requirements.</p>
		<h3>Minimum requirements</h3>
			<li>HTTP server supporting PHP</li>
			<li>PHP version 4.1.0, including <code>session</code>, <code>PCRE</code> and <code>mysql</code> extensions</li>
			<li>MySQL version 3.23</li>
		<h3>Recommended set-up</h3>
		<p>It is highly recommended to use DantoBB on the following set-ups.</p>
			<li>GNU/Linux operating system</li>
			<li>Recent Apache HTTPD version, including <code>mod_rewrite</code></li>
			<li>Recent PHP version, including <code>session</code>, <code>PCRE</code>, <code>mysql(i)</code> and <code>curl</code> extensions</li>
			<li>Recent MySQL version</li>
		<p class="important"><strong>Important:</strong> If you use <strong>MySQL 4.1 or higher</strong>, it is highly recommended to use a <strong><code>latin1</code> collation</strong> instead of a Unicode one. Should your host use Unicode as default database collation, please change this for your database using phpMyAdmin or a similar administration tool or contact your host <em>before</em> installing DantoBB. In most cases though, no action will be necessary.</p>
		<p>To install DantoBB, you have two options.</p>
		<p class="important"><strong>Note:</strong> You must choose <strong>only one</strong> of the following installation methods. You don't have to follow both lists of steps. If you don't know what to choose, perform the automatic installation.</p>
		<h3>Automatic installation</h3>
		<p>The automatic installer is mostly the best and easiest method to install DantoBB.</p>
			<li>Rename <code>config.php-dist</code> to <code>config.php</code>;</li>
			<li>Upload/move all the files to their final destination online;</li>
			<li><em>Optional but recommended:</em> <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chmod">chmod</a> <code>config.php</code> so that it is writable by the webserver (try <code>chmod 0777</code>);</li>
			<li>Open the <a href="../install/index.php">installation wizard</a> in your web browser (located at <code>install/</code>).</li>
		<h3>Manual installation</h3>
		<p>Alternatively, you can install DantoBB manually.</p>
			<li>Execute <code>install/schemas/mysql.sql</code> and <code>install/dantobb.sql</code> on your database (using a database management tool such as <a href="http://www.phpmyadmin.net/">phpMyAdmin</a>);</li>
			<li>Rename <code>config.php-dist</code> to <code>config.php</code>;</li>
			<li>Edit <code>config.php</code> and adjust the database settings;</li>
			<li>Upload/move all the files to their final destination online;</li>
			<li><em>Optional but recommended:</em> <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chmod">chmod</a> <code>config.php</code> so that it is writable by the webserver (try <code>chmod 0777</code>);</li>
			<li>Register a first user, it will automatically be an administrator.</li>
		<p>When this is done, you can log in and start configuring your forum.</p>
		<h2 id="upgrade-dantobb">Upgrade an existing DantoBB</h2>
		<p>If you run a forum powered by a previous DantoBB 1.0 version, you can upgrade as following:</p>
			<li>Reupload all changed files. There is a separate package only containing new and changed files.</li>
			<li><strong>OR</strong> apply the patch found in the separate download file <code>dantobb-&lt;version&gt;.diff</code>. The patch can be applied using <a href="http://www.gnu.org/software/patch/">GNU patch</a> or using a compatible tool.</li>
			<li>Alternatively, you can also reupload all files (except <code>config.php</code>).</li>
		<p>Separate download files can be found at <a href="http://www.dantobb.com/downloads/index.php">www.dantobb.com/downloads</a>.</p>
		<h2 id="more-info">More information</h2>
		<h3>Developer's notes</h3>
			<li>While there are <strong>Unicode</strong> patches applied to the source, Unicode remains officially unsupported in DantoBB. Please use Unicode (UTF-8) based translations at your own risk.</li>
			<li>At this time, the next version of the DantoBB forum software is under development. <strong>DantoBB 2</strong> is written in PHP 5 and thus will not be usable on PHP 4, which is what most people use nowadays. Our limited userbase has permitted us of making this migration towards PHP 5. However, bug fix releases for DantoBB will still be made for an unspecified amount of time (as long as PHP 4 is officially supported). If you wish to be able to upgrade to DantoBB 2 in the future (which is highly recommended), please make sure your host is able to run <strong>PHP 5.2</strong> or newer.</li>
		<h3>External links</h3>
		<p>If you would like more information about DantoBB, check out the following locations.</p>
			<li><a href="http://www.dantobb.com">DantoBB.Com</a> for general information, news, downloads, etc.</li>
			<li>The <a href="http://www.dantob.com/forums/">support forums</a> for help, (development) discussion, etc.</li>
			<li>Recent developer information can be found at the <a href="http://dev.dantobb.com/">dev center</a>.</li>


<p id="copyright">Copyright &copy; 2009 <a href="http://www.dantobb.com">DantoBB.Com</a></p>
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