Location: PHPKode > projects > DaloRADIUS > daloradius-0.9-8/contrib/chilli/portal2/hotspotlogin/lang/en.php
# daloRADIUS edition - fixed up variable definition through-out the code
# as well as parted the code for the sake of modularity and ability to 
# to support templates and languages easier.
# Copyright (C) Enginx and Liran Tal 2007, 2008

$ChilliSpot="Enginx hotspot";
$title="$ChilliSpot Login";
$centerPleasewait="Please wait.......";
$h1Login="$ChilliSpot Login";
$h1Failed="$ChilliSpot Login Failed";  
$h1Loggedin="Logged in to $ChilliSpot";
$h1Loggingin="Logging in to $ChilliSpot";
$h1Loggedout="Logged out from $ChilliSpot";
$centerdaemon="Login must be performed through $ChilliSpot server";
$centerencrypted="Login must use encrypted connection";

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