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  UTE - (U)niversal ASP (T)able (E)ditor

  Version History


  (c) in 2000-2003 by Tom Wellige                    
  http://www.wellige.com  mailto:hide@address.com     

  This project is released under the "GNU General Public License (GPL)" 

  and is maintained on SourceForge at

  and can also be found on CodeProject at


v3.01 (07.05.2003)
- Bugfix: !!!  Syntax error  ute_class.inc line 1010        (v2.10)  !!!
          !!!  Syntax error  ute_class_filter.inc line 127  (v3.00)  !!!
  Due to some mishandling of SourceForge's CVS system I got one INC file 
  in UNIX format and one in MAC format. These formats are obviously *NOT*
  supported by NT4 PWS/IIS. All files are now plain MS-DOS foramt.
- Bugfix: error when calling UTE with "pkey" parameter.
- Improvements in primary key detection.

v3.00 (28.04.2003)
- Define (any number of) filters to search for records.
- A toolbar on top of the table view instead of some links below it.
- Display SQL statment being used to get table data.
- Exporting the table data as CSV file will no longer create a CSV file
  in the "/export/" folder. The data will be created and sent "on the fly"
  to the user's browser.
- Italian language definition file (by Marco De Sortis)
- Spanish language definition file (by Agustin Vega)
- Display Boolean fields as checkboxes instead of TRUE and FALSE.
- Bugifx: Removed table caching. This was responsible for heavy delay times 
  when opening large tables.
- Bugfix: when using the sort parameters "sort" and "sortdir" the defined
  values where not resetted when switching the table using the LIST TABLES
- Bugfix: unable to update boolean fields in environments other then
  German or English.

v2.10 (13.01.2003)
- List all tables of a database if no tablename is set as URL paramter.
- Any number of fields to sort a table after: sort[n], sortdir[n].
  For compatebility porpose the single parameters "sort" and "sortdir"
  are still valid.
- Dropdown lists to select page and pagesize instead of links.
- Custom URL parameters will be kept while navigating through a table.
- Fixed width of MEMO fields in table view mode.

v2.0 (23.11.2002)
- Completely rewritten. 
- No more session variables. 
- Just one VBScript class to include into own webpage. 
- Ready for localization into any language. Comes already with a number of languages. 
- Option explicit proof. 
- And a number of bug fixes being reported in the past. 
- All future development of UTE will be coordinated on SourceForge: 

v1.4 (14.03.2001)
Bug Fix: Wrong Date format in SQL statement when updating a record. 

v1.3 (08.03.2001)
- Improved primary key field detection. 
- Bug Fix: Usage of Single Quotation Marks (') in string fields. 

v1.2 (12.02.2001)
- Improved primary key field detection. 
- Display fields in defined order (and not alphabetically). 

v1.1 (08.08.2000)
- Bug Fix: Opening an empty table. 
- Bug Fix: Saving NULL fields. 

v1.0 (16.02.2000)
- This version won the first CodeProject Article Contest.
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