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© Ryan T. Graff 2010
This software is released under the GPL ( GNU General Public License ) which can be attained at http://www.fsf.org/licensing/licenses/gpl.html


1. Upload to your webserver via FTP or other methods.
2. Open a web browser and login using the json gateway. ( https://www.{yourserver}.com/{chosen install directory}/cubehenge/json.php/Allow.Allow.login/admin/password ) NOTE: The default admin password is "password".
2. Open the AMFPHP browser located at "cubehenge/browser/"
3. Use the Allow changePassword method to change the admin password.
4. Use the LiveServerObjects configure method to enter your MySQL database information.
5. Use the FileAssets configure method to set the working directory for file management.
6. Read the comments for each service using the AMFPHP browser to get started.

More information and a light weight Flex UI are soon to come.
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