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<?if(VALID_DOCUMENT != 1) die('what?');?>
<table align="center" width="100%">
  <tr><th class="title">Whats New in <?=VERSION; ?> ?</th></tr>
  <li><b>GnuPG support</b><br/>
  GnuPG public/private key generation, public keys importing, emails encrypt/decrypt supported.<br/>
  Turn on <i>Use GnuPG</i> option in <?=action_link('settings','Settings')?> and go to <?=action_link('gnupg','GnuPG')?> tab to create/import public/private key.
  <li><b>Addressbook improvements</b><br/>
  Features added into address book: dynamic contact information, multiple email addresses for person contact.
  <li><b>Auto Login</b><br/>
  Added auto login option. If you want webmail to remember you once,
  check <i>remember me</i> box when log in.
  <li><b>Email autocompletion</b><br/>
  Added autocompletion for fields  to/cc/bcc in <?=action_link('compose','Compose')?> form.
  It make use of your addressbook and smartly completes email addressess.
  <li><b>View attached MSWord/Powerpoint/Excel/PDF/PS files as HTML</b><br/>
  If you recieve  a MSWord or Powerpoint or Excel or PDF or PS file, you can preview the file it by pressing <a>view as HTML</a> link.
  Powered by <a href="http://wvware.sourceforge.net/">wvWare</a>, <a href="http://chicago.sourceforge.net/xlhtml/">xlhtml</a>, <a href="http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/doc/pstotext.htm">pstotext</a> .
  <li><b>Download all attachments</b><br/>
  If the mail has more than one attachments, you can download all attachments as <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZIP_%28file_format%29">ZIP</a> file. 
  <li><b>Webmail speed-up</b><br/>
  We have installed and tested a new IMAP server, named <a href="http://dovecot.org/">Dovecot</a> .
  It is faster and more stable (as you can see in webmail response time).<br/>
  But occasionally  it will be unable to open your mbox files (if its in wrong format).
  Tell us about such cases.
  <li><b>Threading </b><br/>
  Now you can view mailbox messages in threaded mode.<br/>
  Thread of messages is defined by similarity of its subjects.<br/>
  In <?=action_link('settings','Settings')?> page you can
  choose it as default view of folders.
  <li><b>Printing of messages</b><br/>
  Now you can print e-mail messages.<br/>
  Use <a href="#"><img src="images/printable.gif"/> print</a> link.
  <li><b>Inbox restore</b><br>
   <a href="<?=$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']?>?action=restore">Mail Restore</a> now supports in
  restoring your inboxes snapshots.<br>
   Now you can attach a label
  (<?foreach($_SESSION['labels']->get_labels() as $k=>$v) print '<span style="color: '.$v['color'].'">'.$v['name'].'</span> '?>) to your emails.<br>
  <li><b>Search improvement</b><br>
   <?=action_link('search','Search')?> is now considerably faster.<br>
  <li><b>New look</b><br>
    I finally removed the old framed design.<br>
  <li><b>New themes</b><br>
    Added new color themes,
    check it in <?=action_link('settings','Settings')?> part.<br>
  <li><b>Session timeout</b><br>
    If you keep the navigator window with <b><?=VERSION?></b> open,
    your session will never expire.<br>
    You can subscribe to newsgroups 
    (see <?=action_link('newsgroups','News Groups')?> part).<br>
  <li><b>Message Attachment Presentation</b><br>
    There is new look-and-feel for message attachment presentation.<br>
    If the file is <b>html document</b> or <b>image</b>, click on the attachment<br>
    icon opens a popup window with attachment presentation.<br>
    File name of attachment is a straight link to the file (useful for attachment saving).
  <li><b>HTML message composer</b><br>
    Added Javascript HTML composer, that allows you to send mails with HTML body.
  <li><b>Select Folders</b><br>
    In <?=action_link('folders','Edit Folders')?> you can choose
    the mail folders to be listed under <b>folder</b> in the left frame.<br>
    i.e. all the mail folders under <b><?=$_SESSION['preferences']->getMailDir()?></b> can be selected.
all questions to <?=action_link('compose',ADMIN_EMAIL,'to='.urle(ADMIN_EMAIL).'&subject=Cs%20Webmail')?>
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