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This is a cs department e-mail web client that designed for academic purposes.
<h2>Logging In</h2>
Use your Unix username/password
<h2>Choosing Folders</h2>
In your directory <b>~/<?=$_SESSION['preferences']->getMailDir()?></b>, under your homedir, you can store different than INBOX email folders
and manage them in <?=action_link('folders','Edit Folders')?>.
<h2>E-Mail Composing</h2>
This page is for mail composing.
Checking english grammar of composed mail body.
<h2>Mail Postponing</h2>
Moving not finished email to the <b><?=$_SESSION['preferences']->getDraftMailbox(); ?></b> folder.Later this email can be finished.
You can send unlimited number of files, but maximum size can't be great than <b><?=bytes2string($MAXFILESIZE,0); ?></b>.<br/>
<code>'add new attachment'</code> button adds new file input to attachments list, but it clears early choosed files.
<h2>Address Book</h2>
You can add/edit/delete/import/export your address book entries.<br/>
<h2>News Groups</h2>
In this page you can add, delete news groups.
<h2>Edit Folders</h2>
In this page you can add, delete or rename your mail folders, which will be
in the <b><?=$_SESSION['preferences']->getMailDir()?></b> directory.
GUI for procmail rules editing.
<h2>Restore Mail</h2>
Gives the way to restore incoming mails to <b><?=$_SESSION['preferences']->getRestoredMailbox()?></b> folder.
<h2>Search</h2><a name="search"></a>
This page give you ability to search something in your email folders.<br/>
Syntax of POSIX regular expressions can be founded at
<a href="http://www.dc.turkuamk.fi/docs/gnu/rx/rx_toc.html">http://www.dc.turkuamk.fi/docs/gnu/rx/rx_toc.html</a>
<h2>Settings</h2><a name="settings"></a>
All settings are stored in <b><?=PREFERENCES_FILE?></b>.
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    [created by <a href="http://www.cs.bgu.ac.il/~ygleyzer/">Yanik Gleyzer</a>]
    [all questions to <?=action_link('compose',ADMIN_EMAIL,'to='.urle(ADMIN_EMAIL).'&subject=Cs%20Webmail')?>]
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