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function selectedItem(tid, mode){
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	return false;

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	document.DataEntry.Mode.value = mode;
	return true;
<b>09/04/08 </b><br><br>
- Added menus <br>
- Ability to Add/Edit Categories <br>
- Code Cleanup <br>
- Loads of other fixes <br>
Upcoming Changes: <br><br>

- Add Stills<br>
- Modify Stills Information<br>
- Modify Videos Information<br>
- File Manager (for uploading of other files)<br>

<b>13/04/08 (Coxiar Productions - v0.06)</b><br><br>
- Allow display of videos on public page <br>
- Added Video Modification Page<br>
- Added "Category" option to "Add Videos" Page<br>
- Image upload for "Add Category page" enabled.<br>
- Basic navigation of public page enabled.<br><br>

- Upcoming Changes:<br>
- Stills (Awaiting page template)<br>
- File Management<br>
- Cosmetic Changes<br>
- Code Cleanup<br>

<b>19/04/08 (Coxiar Productions - v0.07)</b><br><br>
- Uploading of thumbnails in "Edit Categories" page now possible.<br>

<b>21/04/08 (Coxiar Productions - v0.08)</b><br><br>
- Uploading of stills now possible. Viewer not implemented yet though<br>

<b>22/04/08 (Coxiar Productions - v0.08)</b><br><br>
- Still viewer implemented. Modification of video viewer to start soon<br>

<b>27/04/08 (Coxiar Productions - v0.09)</b><br><br>
- Improved quality of images. <br>
- Edited video viewer to change top image. <br>
- Edited video viewer to stretch video proportionately<br>
- Breadcrumbs Navigation now enabled.<br>
- Stills viewer now shows a smaller version of the original image. Original image is shown upon clicking of the image. <br>
- Stills uploader now amended to generate smaller image.
- Fixed some bugs <br>
- Added option "Stills Date" to still uploader
- Stills Editing now possible.

<b>13/05/08 (Coxiar Productions - v0.10)</b><br><br>
- Changed the video viewer. Adding more features later. <br>

<b>18/05/08 (Coxiar Productions - v0.11)</b><br><br>
- Countdown timer added to video viewer<br>
- Video Viewer/Uploader/Editor modified for single video title<br>
- Added "link" in the video viewer<br>
- Added option to set video date in video uploader<br>
- Added option to change video date in video editor<br>
- Changed code for compatibility with linux<br>
- Size of Category/Video/Still Thumbnail are now not fixed<br>
- Added "No Image Uploaded" thumbnail for category with no images<br>
- Awaiting new font file<br>

<b>31/05/08 (Coxiar Productions - v0.12)</b><br><br>
- Implemented new font<br>
- Edited introduction to use the new font.<br>
- Removed "Taken By" option from video uploader/modifier<br>

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