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<h1><span class="keyword">Release Note - v2.0.2</span></h1>

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<h1>Table Of Contents</h1>

	<li><a href="#ch06">Version 2.0.2</a></li>
	<li><a href="#ch05">Version 2.0.1</a></li>
	<li><a href="#ch04">Version 2.0.0</a></li>
	<li><a href="#ch03">Version 1.0.1</a></li>
	<li><a href="#ch02">Version 1.0.0</a></li>
	<li><a href="#ch01">Version 0.9.0</a></li>

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	<li><a href="release-note.html"><span class="keyword">[ Release Note ] <<< you're here!</span></a></li>
	<li><a href="developer-guide.html"><span class="keyword">[ Developer Guide ]</span></a></li>
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<!-- Chapter 6 -->
<h1><a name="ch06"></a>Version 2.0.2</h1>

<p>Minor bug fix and enhancement:</p>

	<li><a href="http://corephpalbum.ideashere.net">corePHPAlbum Demonstration Page</a> has been relocated to a new site ideashere.net. zketch.net will soon be decommissioned.</li>
	<li>Addition of <span class="keyword">System values</span>. It could be used in <span class="keyword">.inc files</span> and <span class="keyword">.note files</span>. Refer to the <a href="http://corephpalbum.ideashere.net">corePHPAlbum Demonstration Page</a>, examples are the "2.0.2" in the title and "2008" in the Copyright statement. Complete list of System values could be found in <a href="user-guide.html#ch06sv"><span class="keyword">User Guide Ch 6</span></a>.</li>
	<li>In previous versions, using of double quote (") to some fields, say folder title, will corrupt the admin page. Fixed!</li>
	<li>In previous versions, any use of HTML tags for the title will make those tags be printed on the browser title. It's now stripped!</li>
	<li>In some cases, it seems only in PHP5 environment, files uploaded through Admin Page, that mean photo and video files, would have their permission set to 0600. That will make slide.php unable to load them from <span class="keyword">_photos</span>. Fixed by replacing move_uploaded_file( ) with copy( )! (Should there still be problem, check with your web admin regarding the PHP configuration option "Safe_Mode".)</li>
	<li>A new tool - <span class="keyword">fixpermission.php</span> that helps to set the persmission for all subdirectories and files to 0755 and 0644 respectively. Details about the usage is in <a href="user-guide.html#ch02a"><span class="keyword">User Guide Ch 2</span></a></li>

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<!-- Chapter 5 -->
<h1><a name="ch05"></a>Version 2.0.1</h1>

<p>Minor bug fix and enhancement:</p>

	<li>In previous versions, blank line in <span class="keyword">filelist.inc</span> would generate an empty item in the index page. It has been updated to ignore any blank line found.</li>
	<li>In previous versions, the page <span class="keyword">Step 3</span> of Admin Page would list only valid image files (i.e. <span class="keyword">jpg</span> files that are not used for video thumbnail generation) and video files (i.e. <span class="keyword">wmv</span> files with the corresponding <span class="keyword">jpg</span> files for thumbnail generation found). Now, It will include those wmv files with corresponding jpg files for thumbnail generation not found, so you will awear of it with notice.</li>
	<li>More information is provided in the page <span class="keyword">Step 3</span> of Admin Page for easy reference.</li>

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<!-- Chapter 4 -->
<h1><a name="ch04"></a>Version 2.0.0</h1>

<p>Major changes from version 1.0.1 to 2.0.0:</p>
	<li>Supporting of video files (<span class="keyword">.wmv</span> format only) is introduced.</li>
	<li>Hierarchical coreconfig.inc - Before, when config.inc not found in a specific folder, it will look up the <span class="keyword">_config/coreconfig.inc</span>, then system defaults. Now, it will try finding an <span class="keyword">coreconfig.inc</span> in the upper level folders along its path, then system defaults.</li>
	<li>Some minor bug fixes.</li>
	<li>Some slide mode functions require additional parameters: slide_remark() and slide_footer().</li>
	<li>Addition of a function for both index and slide modes: create_title(), which is used to create the image or video title as saved in the corresponding <span class="keyword">.note</span> file.</li>
	<li>New frames are added: tv, tv-02, tv-03, tv-04, green, blue, shadow</li>
	<li>Image/video remarks are relocated from file <span class="keyword">info.inc</span> to corresponding <span class="keyword">.note</span> files under <span class="keyword">_config</span>. For example, an image file "_photo/a/b/image.jpg" would have a note file "_config/a/b/image.note".</li>
	<li>The <span class="keyword">.note</span> files are also used to save the hit counters if enabled <span class="keyword">$_switch['hit_counter']</span> in <span class="keyword">_switches.php</span>.
	<li>Hit counter is displayed in individual image/video slide page if enabled <span class="keyword">$_switch['show_hit_counter']</span> in <span class="keyword">_switches.php</span>. 
	<li>The switch <span class="keyword">$_switch['debug']</span> in <span class="keyword">_switches.php</span> will now also turn on the Debug mode in Admin Page.</li>
	<li>New options in <span class="keyword">coreconfig.inc/config.inc</span> and <span class="keyword">.note</span> make it possible to have a custom title for individual image/video, and hiding the filename.</li>
	<li>Instead of slide page, thumbnails could be configured as link to an external url.</li>

<p>Migration of image remarks from <span class="keyword">info.inc</span> to <span class="keyword">.note</span> files: In "Step 3" of Admin Page, change to the folder where there are remarks defined, just click the button <span class="keyword">"Apply Changes / Refresh"</span> and done.</p>

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<!-- Chapter 3 -->
<h1><a name="ch03"></a>Version 1.0.1</h1>

<p>Changes from version 1.0.0 to 1.0.1:</p>
	<li>Image files available for selection as Folder thumbnails in Admin Page has increased from 1 folder level down to 2.</li>
	<li>A more completed version of Admin Page - creation and deletion of image folders, upload and deletion of image files, thumbnails generation and regeneration, and inc files configuration.</li>
	<li>Updated documentation although still not completed yet.</li>
	<li>Folder <span class="keyword">image_buttons</span> under <span class="keyword">_res</span> has been renamed as <span class="keyword">buttons</span>.</li>
	<li>A tool for creating the sample image of a frame: <a href="../_res/tools/makesample.php"><span class="keyword">_res/tools/makesample.php</span></a></li>
	<li>The image sizes of some buttons have been changed, it's now (width x height): first.png (34x32), last.png (34x32), previous.png (32x32), next.png (32x32), index.png (32x32), up.png (32x32) and folder.png (48x48).</li>
	<li>The key defined in info.inc for remark of individual image file was used to be the name of that image file. Since this release, all '.' found in the filename will need to be replaced with '_'.</li>
	<li>Two new css files: plastic and plastic-left.</li>
	<li>A new index mode: banner.</li>

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<!-- Chapter 2 -->
<h1><a name="ch02"></a>Version 1.0.0</h1>

<p>In this verion, there are 3 major changes:</p>
	<li>All the inc files have been renamed to remove the leading underscore character '_': (<span class="keyword">coreconfig.inc</span>, <span class="keyword">config.inc</span> and <span class="keyword">info.inc</span>). Migration tool has been included - migraion.php.</li>
	<li>Image files have been relocated to centrally stored under a new system folder <span class="keyword">_photos</span>. It is to facilitate the future addition of a web interface for uploading image files.</li>
	<li>Addition of an Admin Page - admin.php.</li>
	<li>Thumbnails created are now decorated with selectable frames.</li>

<p>Suggested migration procedures:</p>
	<li>Create a folder <span class="keyword">_photos</span> in album folder of your web site.</li>
	<li>Set the mode of folder <span class="keyword">_photos</span> to make them enough for creating files/folders and searching folder, say 0777. It's to make web interface upload possible in the future.</li>
	<li>Move all the image folders to <span class="keyword">_photos</span>.</li>
	<li>Start the Migration Page and follow the instructions to migrate those inc files.</li>

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<!-- Chapter 1 -->
<h1><a name="ch01"></a>Version 0.9.0</h1>

<p>As compared to previous version, all the inc files (<span class="keyword">_coreconfig.inc</span>, <span class="keyword">_config.inc</span>, <span class="keyword">_info.inc</span> and <span class="keyword">_filelist.inc</span>) have been relocated to centrally stored under a new system folder <span class="keyword">_config</span>.</p>
<p>It is to facilitate the addition of a central management interface for creating those inc files in the future release.</p>

<p>Suggested migration procedures:</p>
	<li>Create a folder <span class="keyword">_config</span> in album folder of your web site.</li>
	<li>Set the mode of folder <span class="keyword">_config</span> to make them enough for creating files/folders and searching folder, say 0777.</li>
	<li>Make a copy of all the image folders to <span class="keyword">_config</span>.</li>
	<li>Under the folder <span class="keyword">_config</span>, recursively delete all the <span class="keyword">.jpg</span> files.</li>
	<li>Under the image folders, recursively delete all the .inc files.</li>

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<h1><span class="keyword">END</span></h1>

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