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Coolibree CMS README

well, if you are reading this file i'm very happy :D

Coolibree CMS is a free light and usefull blog rendering engine with a powerfull API system.
This API system is very easy to use, read the documentation of all class files in the include/
directory and also the other infos in the postman/ file directory.

For use this CMS you only have to edit include/config.php file
editing those rows
		$users= array("admin","user","betatester");
//		                  ^__      ^___       ^____
//		                     |         |           |

deleting some users or adding some new, or maybe edit the values like this

		$users= array("admin","Bob");
//		                  ^__      ^________     
//		                     |             |          
Now your passwords are very hard to discover

After password and user editing you must upload all files in a directory on a webserver with ftp.

Now you got a coolibree blog uploaded and ready to use.

Make sure db/ directory and all the subdir can be read and written by php user (in apache www-data user), 
give those directory permission >=644

For all your request or other things you can contact me by email:

my website is: vikkio88.altervista.org

Enjoy Coolibree! bye!
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