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$wsText["overview"]          = "Overview";
$wsText["service_help"]      = "Help Webservice";

$wsHelp["header"]       = "Help Webservice";
$wsHelp["purpose"]      = "With this Webservice, it is possible to send a request to the C*B Server. The Server checks the FAQ, the forum and the article database on items thats fits to the request.<br>The result would be delivered with direct links to the items";
$wsHelp["send"]         = "Send Request";
$wsHelp["type_article"] = "Ressource: C*B Articledatabase";
$wsHelp["type_forum"]   = "Ressource: C*B Forum";
$wsHelp["type_faq"]     = "Ressource: C*B FAQ";

$wsHelp["no_article"]   = "no matching article found";
$wsHelp["no_forum"]     = "no matching entry in forum";
$wsHelp["no_faq"]       = "no matching entry in FAQ";
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