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$rmError['permission']	         = "you do not have permission to modify columns";
$rmError['noAccess']	         = "You haven not the permission to access the column mangement. Please ask your system administrator for access permission.";
$rmError['noPermEditAccess']     = "You haven not the permission to edit the general column perms. Only administrators have this permission";

/* Menu Texte */
$rmText["columnManagement"]	     = "Column Management";
$rmText["columnRights"]	         = "Right Administration";

/* Rechte System Begin */
$rmText["localPermsOnly"]        = "Local Rights";
$rmText["localPermsOnlyHere"]    = "Only local rights are valid here.";

/* Info Texte Begin */
$rmText["localPermsOnlyDetails"] = "ADMIN OPTION: Is this option set, the general right sets aren't valid anymore for this folder and all subfolders.";
$rmText["loadURLDetails"]        = "Ist dieses Feld leer, handelt es sich um eine normale Rubrik die Artikel enthalten "
                                  ."kann. <br> Ist eine URL gesetzt, wird die Rubrik im Menu automatisch dahin verlinkt (Die URL muss mit http:// beginnen) <br>";
$rmText["skinSelectDetails"]     = "Every folder could be displayed in an own template. Default is the 'default' Skin.<br>The skins could be found in the webfrontend under templates/. With copying and renaming of the default skin, new skins could be created.";
$rmText["folderMoveDetails"]     = "With this option, a folder could be moved. The folder would be appended on the target folder as a subfolder.";

/* Allgemein */
$rmText["edit_folder"]	         = "modify column";
$rmText["mainfolders"]	         = "maincolumns";
$rmText["mainfolder"]	         = "maincolumn";
$rmText["subfolders"]	         = "subcolumns";
$rmText["subfolder"]	         = "subcolumn";
$rmText["create_new_folder"]     = "Add new column";
$rmText["foldername"]	         = "Columnname";
$rmText["folderstatus"]          = "Status";
$rmText["subfolder_of"]          = "subcolumn of";
$rmText["description"]           = "description";

$rmLink['mainFolder']	   = "add maincolumn";
$rmLink['subFolder']	   = "add subcolumn";
$rmText['mainFolder']	   = "Main";
$rmText['folder']		   = "Columns";
$rmText['name']			   = "Column:";
$rmText['status']		   = "Status:";
$rmText['statusClosed']	   = "closed";
$rmText['statusOpen']	   = "open";
$rmText['modify']		   = "edit column";
$rmText['newFolder']	   = "add column";
$rmText['change']		   = "change";

$rmText['loadType']		   = "command:";
$rmText['load_page']       = "Call of external Page";
$rmText['load_moduleCall'] = "Module Call"; 
$rmText['new']			   = "new";
$rmText['del']			   = "delete";
$rmText['txt_desc']		   = "description";
$rmText['txt_sort']		   = "sortway";
$rmText['skin']		       = "Skin";
$rmText['moveBranch']      = "Append Branch to Another";

$rmText['addLangVersion']  = "Add language version";
$rmText['editLangVersion'] = "Edit language version";
$rmText['delete']          = "Delete";
$rmText['add']             = "Add";
$rmText['update']          = "Update";
$rmText['columnSettings']  = "Column Manager Options";
$rmText['activateMultiLangColumns'] = "Activate Multi Language Support for columns";
$rmText["settings_change"] = "Settings successfully changed";

$rmText['load_moduleCall'] = "Module Call";
$rmText['load_page']       = "Call of external Page";

$rmText["folder_create"]   = "column successfully added";
$rmText["folder_delete"]   = "column successfully deleted";
$rmText["folder_modify"]   = "column successfully modified";

$rmText["not_all_set"]	   = "you must fill all nessesary fields. please try it again!";
$rmText["error_options"]   = "an error occurs while saving data - please read the documentation";
$rmText["branchIsChild"]   = "Destination Branch is a child";
$rmText["fNotExists"]      = "One of the folders doesn't exists";
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