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$amError["no-id"]           = "Article ID isn't set. Modification not possible";
$amError["no-user-article"] = "No articles found";
$amError["wrongID"]         = "Article ID wrong. Modification not possible";
$amError["wrongUser"]       = "You are in lack of permissions to modify other's articles";
$amError["intro_required"]  = "An introduction is required for this article";
$amError["can't modify"]    = "Modification not possible, permission needed.";
$amError["text-short"]      = "Supplied text must be longer than 20 charakters - please try again!";
$amError["db-query"]        = "Error - go back and try again";

$amLink["artOverview"]      = "Article Overview";
$amLink["modHead"]          = "Modify head data";
$amLink["modify"]           = "Modify..";
$amLink["add_article"]      = "Create article";
$amLink["article_settings"] = "Article settings";
$amLink["headline_manager"] = "Manage short messages";
$amLink["comment_manager"]  = "Manage comments";
$amLink["pnBack"]           = "<< back";
$amLink["pnFwd"]            = "forward >>";
$amLink["folderUp"]         = "One level upwards";
$amLink["manage-media"]     = "Manage Media Data";
$amLink["xmlList"]	    = "Version Management";

$amText["back"]             = "back..";
$amText["general-data"]     = "General Data";
$amText["mod-options"]      = "Modify Possibilities";
$amText["general-settings"] = "General Settings";
$amText["preview"]          = "Preview";
$amText["template"]         = "Article Template";
$amText["article-title"]    = "Title";
$amText["article-author"]   = "Author";
$amText["delete"]           = "Delete";
$amText["article-format"]   = "Format";
$amText["article-icon"]     = "Icon";
$amText["article-stage"]    = "Stage";
$amText["tbl-title-folder"] = "Show only articles of this folder";
$amText["art-of-this"]      = "Articles of this folder ";
$amText["art-all"]          = "All articles";
$amText["article-content"]  = "Content";
$amText["article-intro"]    = "Intro";
$amText["article-keywords"] = "Keywords";
$amText["description"]      = "Description";
$amText["auto-add-br"]      = "Add &lt;br /&gt;-Tags automatically";
$amText["clearmessage"]     = "Tags and pictures probably won't appear on this page tough they are existent in the article.";
$amText["overview"]         = "Article Overview";
$amText["creation-date"]    = "Created at";
$amText["article-time"]     = "Time interval";
$amText["from"]             = "from";
$amText["to"]               = "to";
$amText["txt_bytes"]	    = "Byte";
$amText["txt_filesize"]	    = "Filesize";
$amText["txt_xmlaction"]    = "Action";
$amText["txt_xmlload"]      = "Load XML";
$amText["txt_xmlversion"]   = "Version time";
$amText["txt_acttitle"]     = "Current article:";
$amText["Delete"]	        = "Delete";
$amText["TXT_COLUMN"]	    = "Column";

$amText["headline"]         = "Headline";
$amText["new-headline"]     = "New Message";
$amText["save"]             = "Save..";
$amText["mod-c-of-art"]     = "Modify comments of articles";
$amText["mod-c-of-head"]    = "Modify comments of headlines";
$amText["no-comments"]      = "No comments available";

$amText["requireintro-enable"]     = "Require intro";
$amText["rate-enable"]             = "Enable rating";
$amText["artstatus-enable"]        = "Allow various article levels";
$amText["timepost-enable"]         = "Allow time slots with articles";
$amText["seticon-enable"]          = "Assign icons to articles";
$amText["showicon-catalog-enable"] = "Show thumbnails in the picture catalogue";
$amText["change-author-enable"]    = "Refresh author by editing";
$amText["refresh-date-enable"]     = "Refresh date by editing";

$amText["upload-new-icon"]  = "Upload new Icon";
$amText["load-old-icon"]    = "Use old Icon";
$amText["use-no-icon"]      = "No Icon";
$amText["article-print"]    = "Make print version available";
$amText["stage-published"]  = "Publish";
$amText["stage-development"]= "In developement";
$amText["stage-review"]     = "To prooveread";
$amText["stage-invisible"]  = "Invisible";
$amText["folder-select"]    = "Folder Select";

$amText["modify-icon"]      = "Change Icon";
$amText["delete-icon"]      = "Delete Icon";
$amText["icon-manager"]     = "Icon Manager";
$amText["close-window"]     = "Close Window";
$amText["upload-succes"]    = "Upload successful";
$amText["icon-save"]        = "Icon-Informations saved!";

$amText["iconTypeText"]     = "Which Media Type is an Icon?";
$amText["imageTypeText"]    = "Which Media Type is an Image?";
$amText["archiveTypeText"]  = "And what's an archive?";
$amText["generalMediaBranch"] = "Media Branch for Article Manager";

$amText["backToArtOview"]     = "Article Details";
$amText["branchType"]         = "File Branch";
$amText["generalBranch"]      = "General";
$amText["articleBranch"]      = "Article File";

$amText["backupSuccess"]      = "Backup successful.";

$success_msg["headline-create"] = "Headline successfully created";
$success_msg["headline-modify"] = "Headline successfully modified";
$success_msg["settings-change"] = "Settings has been modified"; 
$success_msg["settings_saved"]  = "Headdata successfully changed";

$error_msg["define-folder"]        = "Please define a folder for your article";
$error_msg["folder-closed"]        = "The choosen folder is closed. Please select an other folder!";
$error_msg["w-date-format"]        = "Warning: The date format is wrong. Please correct it!";
$error_msg["folder-user-restrict"] = "You have not write permissions for this folder. Please select an other.";
$error_msg["not-all-set"]          = "There are fields missing. Please add missing informations!";
$error_msg["no-content"]           = "You have not set the content. If you want this field blank, please type n/a there.";

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