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 // +----------------------------------------------------------------------+
 // | Content*Builder 0.5.2	README and INSTALL	                   |
 // +----------------------------------------------------------------------+
 // | Copyright (c) 2002,2003 Content-Builder.de                           |
 // +----------------------------------------------------------------------+

	0.System Requirements

 0. // System Requirements for Setup and runnning Content*Builder

	  Your webserver must support PHP 4.0.6 (better PHP 4.2.x) or higher and Mysql 3.23.23
	  or higher to run the Content*Builder System. There should be no problem to 
	  install Content*Builder with PHP in safe_mode, as Apache-Module or CGI-Version; 
	  it runs with most Unix OS incl. Linux and recent MS-Windows-OS Versions as well -
	  let's say, it will work with most webspace packages offering PHP and Mysql options.

	  Content-Builder is best tested with LAMP and WAMP 
	  (Linux+Apache-Webserver+Mysql-Database+PHP4, alternative Operating System 
	   MS Windows). You can download WAMP at http://www.apachefriends.org - if you 
	  do so, you can easy build up a MS-Windows-based local Development-Environment
	  for Content*Builder.

 1. // Installation of Content*Builder 0.5.2

	1.If you read this Readme from your .zip oder .tar distribution,
	  please do the following: Unzip the current release to any directory
	  inside your webserver-tree (or upload those files to the webserver later).
	  Make sure the directories stay intact during unzipping - do not unzip
	  the files without folder information - that won't work.

	2.After unzipping the release, upload the whole stuff to your webserver
	  (or copy it in your local webserver-tree if you have one). CHMOD the 
	  system/inc/ directory to 777 - if you want to backup or upload files 
	  later, do the same to uploads/files/ and uploads/cgfx/ (icons/). 
  	  If you like to choose the simplest and most common way, upload 
	  content*builder directory structure directly to your webroot.
	3.To get a running Content Builder installation, you have to execute
	  setup script too.
	  After completion of step 2, you will find your setup script at location 
	  e.g. at "http://www.content-builder.de/contentbuilder/system/setup2/".

	  Point your browser to this setup directory and follow the installation-steps. 

	  After completion you find your Content-Management-Login at 
	  (e.g. "http://www.content-builder.de/contentbuilder/"), your website is
	  public at "http://www.YourDomainName.Country/YourPathToCB/"
	  (e.g. "http://www.content-builder.de/").

	  If you need help, please refer to documentations copied to directory 
	  look for topic 'documentations' at www.content-builder.de or visit our
	  Forum at www.content-builder.de (German and English sections).

 2. // License

	This product is free of charge for private and commercial use, please
	read license.txt for details. If you have questions about reselling or redistribution
	of any kind, please contact us directly: hide@address.com
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