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<html><head><title>Browse For Pictures</title>
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body {font-family:Verdana, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 10pt;}
<body bgcolor="white">
// doesn't like to set any global vars here ....
 S Babu. hide@address.com
// dirwalk.php introduces neccessary constant definitions and cust. functions
// for DHTML editor
/* include("../dirwalk.php"); */

// outsourced to <cb-path>/root.inc
//$valid_file_types =  array("html","htm","doc","pdf","xls","ppt","txt","jpg","gif");
/* $ret=mysql_query("select name, extension from ".TABLE."_mm_type where name like 'Documents' or name like 'Dokumente'");
$cbOption = new CBOption();

if ($optValue = $cbOption->getSingleOption("editorValidLinkTypes")){
//if ($row=mysql_fetch_row($ret)){
    $tmp=trim(ereg_replace(" ","",$optValue),";");
    $valid_file_types = $valid_docfile_types;
// 1 for enabling the printing of debug messages. 0 for normal use

//Prints a link for copying the path to some form field
//todo - quote processing so that it won't make bad Javascript

function print_copy_link($path, $name) {
  // DOS: URLs are different from DOS directory seps
  //$path = "/" & str_replace("/","\\",cut_root_folder($path));
  // remove the extension in the name won't work for multiple dots in the file name
  $name=ucfirst(ereg_replace("_"," ",$name)); // replace underscores by spaces and capitalize
  echo "<a href=\"#\" onClick=\"top.document.forms[0].elements['LinkUrl'].value='$path';";
  echo "top.document.forms[0].elements['LinkLabel'].value='$name';\">$name</a>";

	echo "<-- $PHP_SELF --><br>\n";

if (isset($BASEURL)){$dir=$BASEURL;}



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