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    <title>HTMLArea -- the free, customizable online editor</title>

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          <td class="label">Version:</td><td>3.0</td>
          <td class="label">Release:</td><td>rc1 (<a href="release-notes.html">release notes</a>)</td>
          <td class="label bline">Compiled at:</td><td class="bline">Mar  1, 2004 [19:37] GMT</td>
          <td class="label">SourceForge page:</td><td><a href="http://sf.net/projects/itools-htmlarea/">http://sf.net/projects/itools-htmlarea/</a></td>
    <h1>HTMLArea -- the free<br/>customizable online editor</h1>

      HTMLArea is a free, customizable online editor.  It works inside your
      browser.  It uses a non-standard feature implemented in Internet
      Explorer 5.5 or better for Windows and Mozilla 1.3 or better (any
      platform), therefore it will only work in one of these browsers.

      HTMLArea is copyright <a
      href="http://interactivetools.com">InteractiveTools.com</a> and <a
      href="http://dynarch.com">Dynarch.com</a> and it is
      released under a BSD-style license.  HTMLArea is created and developed
      upto version 2.03 by InteractiveTools.com.  Version 3.0 developed by
      <a href="http://dynarch.com/mishoo/">Mihai Bazon</a> for
      InteractiveTools.  It contains code sponsored by third-party companies as well.
      Please see our About Box for details about who sponsored what plugins.

    <h2>Online demos</h2>


      <li><a href="examples/core.html">HTMLArea standard</a> -- contains the core

      <li><a href="examples/table-operations.html">HTMLArea + tables</a> --
        loads the <tt>TableOperations</tt> plugin which provides some extra
        editing features for tables.</li>

      <li><a href="examples/spell-checker.html">HTMLArea + spell checher</a>
        -- loads the <tt>SpellChecker</tt> plugin which provides what its
        name says: a spell checker.  This one requires additional support on
        the server-side.</li>

      <li><a href="examples/full-page.html">HTMLArea Full HTML Editor</a> --
        loads the <tt>FullPage</tt> plugin which allows you to edit a full
        HTML page, including &lt;title&gt;, &lt;!DOCTYPE...&gt; and some
        other options.</li>

      <li><a href="examples/context-menu.html">HTMLArea with Context
          Menu</a> -- this plugin provides a nice and useful context menu.</li>

      <li><a href="examples/fully-loaded.html">HTMLArea fully loaded</a> --
        all of the above. ;-)</li>



      Installation is (or should be) easy.  You need to unpack the ZIP file
      in a directory accessible through your webserver.  Supposing you
      unpack in your <tt>DocumentRoot</tt> and your <tt>DocumentRoot</tt> is
      <tt>/var/www/html</tt> as in a standard RedHat installation, you need
      to acomplish the following steps: (the example is for a Unix-like
      operating system)

    <pre style="margin-left: 2em"
cd /var/www/html
unzip /path/to/archive/HTMLArea-3.0-rc1.zip
mv HTMLArea-3.0-rc1 htmlarea
find htmlarea/ -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \;
find htmlarea/ -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;
find htmlarea/ -name "*.cgi" -exec chmod 755 {} \;</pre>

      <strong>Notes.</strong> You may chose to symlink "htmlarea" to "HTMLArea-3.0-rc1", in which case your server needs to be configured to
      "<tt>FollowSymLinks</tt>".  You need to make sure that *.cgi files are
      interpreted as CGI scripts.  If you want to use the SpellChecker
      plugin you need to have a recent version of Perl installed (I
      recommend 5.8.0) on the server, and the module Text::Aspell, available
      from CPAN.  More info in "<a

    <p>About how to setup your pages to use the editor, please read the
      [outdated yet generally valid] <a

    <h2>Status and links</h2>

    <p>HTMLArea has reached version 3.0.  As of this version, it


      <li>Customizable toolbar</li>

      <li>Easy internationalization</li>

      <li>Plugin-based infrastructure</li>

      <li>Delivers W3-compliant HTML (with few exceptions)</li>

      <li>Has a subset of Microsoft Word's keyboard shortcuts</li>

      <li>Full-screen editor</li>

      <li>Advanced table operations (by external plugin

      <li>Spell checker (by external plugin "SpellChecker")</li>

      <li>probably more... ;-)</li>


    <p>We have a <a
    href="http://sourceforge.net/projects/itools-htmlarea/">project page</a>
    at <a href="http://sourceforge.net">SourceForge.net</a>.  There you can
    also find out <a href="http://sourceforge.net/cvs/?group_id=69750">how
    to retrieve the code from CVS</a>, or you can <a
    the CVS online</a>.  We also have a <a
    system</a>, a <a
    tracking system</a> and a <a
    request page</a>.</p>

    <p>We invite you to say everything you want about HTMLArea <a
    href="http://www.interactivetools.com/forum/gforum.cgi?forum=14;">on the
    forums</a> at InteractiveTools.com.  There you should also find the
    latest news.</p>

    <p>Sometimes I post news about the latest developments on <a
    href="http://dynarch.com/mishoo/">my personal homepage</a>.</p>

    <h2>"It doesn't work, what's wrong?"</h2>

    <p>If it doesn't work, you have several options:</p>


      <li>Post a message to the forum.  Describe your problem in as much
      detail as possible.  Include errors you might find in the JavaScript
      console (if you are a Mozilla user), or errors displayed by IE (though
      they're most of the times useless).</li>

      <li>If you're positive that you discovered a bug in HTMLArea then feel
      free to fill a bug report in our bug system.  If you have the time you
      should check to see if a similar bug was reported or not; it might be
      fixed already in the CVS ;-) If you're positive that a similar bug was
      not yet reported, do fill a bug report and please include as much
      detail as possible, such as your browser, OS, errors from JavaScript
      console, etc.</li>

      <li>If you want a new feature to be implemented, post it on the
      features request and someone will hopefully take care of it.</li>


    <p>You can <a href="mailto:hide@address.com">contact me directly</a>
    <em>only</em> if you want to pay me for implementing custom features to
    HTMLArea.  If you want to sponsor these features (that is, allow them to
    get back into the public HTMLArea distribution) I'll be cheaper. ;-)</p>

    <hr />
    <address><a href="http://dynarch.com/mishoo/">Mihai Bazon</a></address>
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