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<span class="heading">STYLE SHEET HELP </span><br> 
<table width="546" border="1" align="center">
    <td height="23" class="text-box2"><p align="left">This PAGE is used for the purpose of managing stylesheets. A brief descriiption is given below:</p>
    <p align="left">INSERTING NEW STYLE SHEETS</p>
    <p align="left">New stylesheets can be entered using the insert stylesheet option. The important point to keep in mind is that new stylesheets should be first stored in the STYLESHEETS folder.After this has been done, the user can then make an entry for that in the CMS by using the 'INSERT' option in the STYLESHEET OPTIONS.</p>
    <p align="left">The name of the stylesheets in the STYLESHEET FOLDER and in the INSERT form should be the same otherwise the stylesheet would not be visible in the CMS. This form is just used to enter new style sheets in the database, selecting a partiular stylesheet can be done as shown.</p>
    <p align="left">CHANGING STYLESHEET SETTINGS </p>
    <p align="left">Clicking on this would enable the user to see the currently used stylesheet. Also a list of all the availiable style sheets would appear in front of the user.The user can then change the stylesheet selection by simply clicking on any particular stylesheet.</p>
    <p align="left">&nbsp; </p></td>

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