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 <span class="heading">INSERTING HEADERS
<table width="546" border="1" align="center">
    <td height="23" class="text-box2"><p align="left">This FORM is used  for the purpose of inserting a new header on the pages. A brief descriiption of all the fields is given below:</p>
    <p align="left">BACKGROUND IMAGE: This field is used to provide image that will serve as the background image of the header. Care has to be taken that the image is first uploaded in the IMAGES folder on the server and only after that has been done, the header image be changed from the ADMIN section on the CMS.</p>
    <p align="left">COMPANY LOGO: This field provides the image that will server as the logo of the header. This logo is displayed on the top left corner of the header. It is important that the logo image be first uploaded in the IMAGES folder and only after that, the logo is changed using this particular form.</p>
    <p align="left">COMPANY NAME: This is a text field and can be changed at will using this form. The text supplied in this field would server as the company name on the header.</p>
    <p align="left">PUNCHLINE: This is also a text field and can be changed easily using this form. Just fill in the text that is to be used as the punchline and this text would be displayed as the punchline in the header. </p>
    <p align="left">&nbsp; </p></td>

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