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xhtml_header("Choose which shiftgroups send email, and which do not"); 
<br /><br />

Check the box next to the shiftgroup to enable first week protection for users trying to take or drop shifts in that shiftgroup.  Uncheck the box to turn the protection off.  <br /><br />

This protection allows users to only take shifts during the first week of that shiftgroup, until the shiftgroup actually starts.  If that's not clear, let me give an example how and why this is useful: <br /><br />

Say it's finals, and you want to have your employees start taking shifts for both the winter break and the spring semester.  So, you create these two shiftgroups and define them using the approprate tools elsewhere on the Manage Shifts page.  Now, you're looking for volunteers to work whenever they can during winter break, but want employees to sign up for what is expected to be their more-or-less regular schedule in the spring semester.  So, you leave the box here for winter break unchecked, so that they can take hours forever, but check the box here for your spring semester so that they can only take shifts that start during the first week of the semester.  <br /><br />

Why would you want to restrict them in such a way?  Well, if your employees are ANYTHING AT ALL LIKE MINE (he says through gritted teeth) they'll cheerfully start their shifts during the 2nd, 3rd or 4th week of the spring semester, and remain blissfully unaware that anything is at all wrong, because reading dates is hard.  Meanwhile, other, slightly more dilligent students will come by a bit later, and take those shifts starting from the first week of the semester.  ConPortal lets them do this, because those shifts haven't been taken for the date range of the first week of the semester through whenever your less attentive employee started their shift.  Then, the situation starts playing out, and employees A and B blame each other for stealing each other's shift, and both come crying to you, and everyone's angry, and it's a big fat mess.  <br /><br />

So yes, having something in place to keep your employees from doing the Wrong Thing is occasionally handy.  I've had to learn this the hard way...

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