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This file contains user-defined strings to make it easier to localize your copy of ConPortal without having to touch other
files.  This is a work in progress!  While I'm sure that PHP offers more elegant way to do this, using lots of defines has the advantage that it's quick to do and straightforward to understand.  That said, I would recommend keeping some kind of order in place in this file.  Thanks to Robert Wachs at the University at Albany - SUNY for pointing me down this road!

This is the version of the file derived from the original work done at Pomona and added to at Bucknell.  It's quirkier, and perhaps funnier.  See the Albany version for more professional/less esoteric in-program text.  

//generic strings - hopefully useful in multiple places
define("DISPLAY_REPORT_SUBMIT", "Show Meeee!");

define("INDEX_HEADER", "{ The " . GROUPNAME . " Schedule... Abandon all hope ye who enter here! }");

define("VIEW_SHIFTGROUPS_HEADER","View Shiftgroups, MEREDITH!");

define("ADD_PUNCH_HEADER", "How about a nice Pennsylvanian Punch?");

define("HOME_HEADER", "h1>{</h1><h3>con</h3><h1>}</h1>Bucknell" . GROUPNAME . " Schedule<h1>{</h1><h3>portal</h3><h1>}</h1>");

define("MEETINGS_DISPLAY_WARNING", "You can enter HTML in here.  Just, you know, be careful to close your tags and stuff. Or Brittany will make the entire Digester marquee.");

define("INDEX_WORKING_STRING", " is working the shift from ");
define("INDEX_PUNCH_OUT", "Punch me out!");
define("INDEX_PUNCH_IN", "Punch me in!");
define("INDEX_PUNCH_OUT_LOG_OUT", "Punch me out, and log out!");
define("INDEX_PUNCH_IN_LOG_OUT", "Punch me in, and log out!");
define("INDEX_DROPPER_WARN", "You are still obligated to show up if no one takes it.");

define("PUNCHES_FIX_MY_PUNCH", "<b>OH NOES!!</b>  I forgot to punch out when my shift ended!<br>Please fix the punch I'm about to make so that it's set to the end of my most recent shift.");

define("EDIT_SHIFTS_HEADER", "Let's Do Some Shift-Creation Magic!");

define("IMPERSONATE_BUTTON", "Am I not turtley enough for the turtle club?  Turtle turtle turtle!");

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