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<br><center><strong>Welcome to the Shift & Shiftgroup creation and modification pages!</strong></center><br><br>  If you're unfamiliar with shift creation, let me define a few terms for you.  <br>A <strong>shift</strong> is a block of time that is scheduled each week, on a particular day, in a particular "position" with a particular start and end time.  The start and end times are usually defined by the "shiftgroup" that they are part of, but they can also have arbitrary start and end dates.  For example, a shift could be defined as Tuesday morning, person 2, 10-11AM, for all of the Fall semester.<br>  A <strong>position</strong> can be thought of as a role that needs to be filled.  It can be a specific as "the person who sits at the back left computer" or as general as "one of the four employees we have working at that particular time."  In the shift table, each position has it's own column.<br>  A <strong>shiftgroup</strong> defines the period for which a shift is valid.  It can be as long or as short as you like; at Bucknell a natural shiftgroup length might be from August 26 - December 4, which is the Fall Academic semester.  Shorter shiftgroups might also be used, for example during the summer or winter breaks.  In addition to defining the start and end dates for which a regular shift is valid, it also defines how many hours per week that different classes of employees (regular students, student leaders, etc) can work.  <br><strong>Seniority</strong> is a rough indication of how long an employee has been working for you; you may wish to reward employees who have more seniority with the priviledge of having first pick of hours, though this is certainly not necessary.  <br /><br />

		<li><a href="create_shiftgroup.php">Create new Shiftgroup</a></li>
		<li><a href="view_shiftgroups.php">View Shiftgroups</a></li>
	    	<li><a href="shiftgroups_email.php">Turn on and off of sending email for Shiftgroups</a></li>
		<li><a href="shiftgroups_first_week_protection.php">Turn on and off protecting a shiftgroup so that users can only take shifts during the first week of that shiftgroup, until the shiftgroup starts.</a>  (This is useful for scheduling next semester's shifts!)</li>
	</ul><br /><br />
		<li><a href="set_pick_start_time.php">Set the date & time your students can start taking hours and hours per week.</a></li>
		<li><a href="view_pick_start_time.php">View and delete what times students can start taking hours</a></li>
	<h3>SHIFT FUNCTIONS</h3><br />
            <li><a href='create_shifts.php'>Create some new shifts...</a></li>
            <li><a href='copy_shifts.php'>Copy a set of
                shifts from one day of the week or shiftgroup to another</a>
            <li><a href='cancel_shifts.php'>Cancel shift(s)
                on particular day(s)</a>
	<!---	<li>Cancel shift for an entire shiftgroup - coming soon!</li>  --->
            <li><a href="show_perm.php">Show Permanent Shifts</a> - note that this only is useful if you have a fairly small number of shifts.  Otherwise, it's just too much data for the human mind to comprenhend.  And also, it tends to be too much data for PHP to comprenhend, at which point it chokes and dies.
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