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Confrontation tournament result organizer v. 0.1 alpha

Pardon for the lack of proper documentation, but the installation is quick and simple,
as the code itself lacks complexity.

Requirements: PHP 4 capable server & miniXML API found at http://minixml.psychogenic.com/

Step 1:

Install miniXML, if not already done that, this means basically downloading the
package and unzipping it to a directory.

Step 2:

As user accounts need to be entered manually at this point, edit passwords.xml (the
syntax shouldn't be hard to figure out) and create the needed number of accounts.

Rename database.xml and passwords.xml to something inconspicuous, such as
g94GGf.xml or suchlike, as there are no greater security measures at this point.

Edit process.php, (index.php) and rankingtable.php so that they contain the correct
filenames and directories.

Step 3:

Upload files to your server and set the priviledges of your renamed database.xml to
let everybody read and write (667 if I remember correctly) it.

Step 4:

Implement the code presented in index.php to the page you wish to use.

Problems? Contact hide@address.com

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