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Change Log
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<h1>Change Log</h1>
<h2>Version 0.3.1</h2>
<p>Release Date: 22nd June, 2008</p>

	<li>Added a <kbd>value</kbd> option to <dfn>&lt;button&gt;</dfn> elements so the form can submit.</li>
<h2>Version 0.3</h2>
<p>Release Date: 22nd June, 2008</p>
	<li>Added a <a href="../features/dashboard.html">dashboard</a> to the control panel front page.</li>
	<li>Added cancel buttons to forms.</li>
	<li>Added new <a href="../assets/css.html#icon_buttons">CSS styles</a> to create buttons.</li>
	<li>Added <dfn>icon()</dfn> to <a href="../features/page.html#icon">Page</a> library.</li>
	<li>Added a generate password feature to the member administration area</li>
	<li>Addedd CSS caching using CSS Tidy in the <a href="../features/page.html#asset_caching">Page</a> library.</li>
	<li>Added <dfn>output_variables()</dfn> to <a href="../features/page.html#output_variables">Page</a> library.</li>
	<li>Added conditional CSS files in the <a href="../features/page.html#output_assets">Page</a> library.</li>
	<li>Added meta tag creation into the <a href="../features/page.html#set_metatag">Page</a> library.</li>
	<li>Updated some of the documentation so its simpler to navigate around.</li>
	<li>Updated <dfn>getUsers()</dfn> in <var>User_model.php</var> to also fetch user profile columns.</li>
	<li>Changed the version control system from including a date to release candidate, purely to be shorter.</li>
    <li>Updated <var>Nested_sets_model.php</var> to remove the <dfn>public</dfn> attribute from the constructor</li>
<h2>Version 0.2 alpha 20080414</h2>
<p>Release Date: 14th April, 2008</p>
    <li>Changed the way the view file container was passed from the Controller to the Userlib library. It is now passed as a function parameter instead of by using <dfn>static</dfn> variables which were not PHP4 compatible.</li>
    <li>Updated the install script to take note of new modules folder from <strong>Version 0.2 alpha 20080413</strong></li>
    <li>Replaced <dfn>call_user_method_array</dfn> with <dfn>call_user_func_array</dfn> in <var>base_model.php</var> due to original being deprecated.</li> 
<h2>Version 0.2 alpha 20080413</h2>
<p>Release Date: 13th April, 2008</p>
    <li>Replaced the use of <var>static $_container</var> in <var>MY_Controller.php</var> to use <var>var $_container</var>. This was due to <dfn>static</dfn> only being available in PHP5. <strong>Please run a replace command on all your user created files to replace Site_Controller::$_container with $this-&gt;_container to use the new variable naming</strong>.</li>
    <li>Deprecated <dfn>_generate_random_string()</dfn> in <var>Userlib.php</var> to use CodeIgniters string helper function <a href="http://codeigniter.com/user_guide/helpers/string_helper.html">random_string()</a></li>
    <li>Updated the admin menu view file so the <dfn>System</dfn> item would have language support</li>
    <li>Added language support to the <var>application/controllers/admin/settings.php</var> file for defining preference groups</li>
    <li>Removed passing <var>$obj</var> by reference to passing by argument due to issue if allow_call_time_pass_reference is false in INI file, in <var>modules/auth/models/access_control_model.php</var></li>
    <li>Moved the <dfn>modules</dfn> folder into the root dir</li>
<h2>Version 0.2 alpha 20080406</h2>
<p>Release Date: 6th April, 2008</p>
    <li>First publicly released version.</li>

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