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Text Helper
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<h1>Text Helper</h1>

<p>The Text Helper file contains functions that assist in working with text.</p>

<h2>Loading this Helper</h2>

<p>This helper is loaded using the following code:</p>

<p>The following functions are available:</p>


<p>Truncates a string to the number of <strong>words</strong> specified.  Example:</p>

$string = "Here is a nice text string consisting of eleven words.";<br />
<br />
$string = word_limiter($string, 4);<br /><br />

// Returns:  Here is a nice&#8230;

<p>The third parameter is an optional suffix added to the string.  By default it add an ellipsis.</p>


<p>Truncates a string to the number of <strong>characters</strong> specified.  It maintains the integrity
of words so the character count may be slightly more or less then what you specify. Example:</p>

$string = "Here is a nice text string consisting of eleven words.";<br />
<br />
$string = character_limiter($string, 20);<br /><br />

// Returns:  Here is a nice text string&#8230;

<p>The third parameter is an optional suffix added to the string.  By default it add an ellipsis.</p>


<p>Converts ASCII values to character entities, including high ASCII and MS Word characters that can cause problems when used in a web page,
so that they can be shown consistently regardless of browser settings or stored reliably in a database.
There is some dependence on your server's supported character sets, so it may not be 100% reliable in all cases, but for the most
part it should correctly identify characters outside the normal range (like accented characters). Example:</p>

<code>$string = ascii_to_entities($string);</code>


<p>This function does the opposite of the previous one; it turns character entities back into ASCII.</p>


<p>Enables you to censor words within a text string.  The first parameter will contain the original string.  The
second will contain an array of words which you disallow.  The third (optional) parameter can contain a replacement value
for the words.  If not specified they are replaced with pound signs: ####.  Example:</p>

$disallowed = array('darn', 'shucks', 'golly', 'phooey');<br />
<br />
$string = word_censor($string, $disallowed, 'Beep!');</code>


<p>Colorizes a string of code (PHP, HTML, etc.).  Example:</p>

<code>$string = highlight_code($string);</code>

<p>The function uses PHP's highlight_string() function, so the colors used are the ones specified in your php.ini file.</p>


<p>Will highlight a phrase within a text string.  The first parameter will contain the original string, the second will
contain the phrase you wish to highlight.  The third and fourth parameters will contain the opening/closing HTML tags
you would like the phrase wrapped in.  Example:</p>

$string = "Here is a nice text string about nothing in particular.";<br />
<br />
$string = highlight_phrase($string, "nice text", '&lt;span style="color:#990000">', '&lt;/span>');

<p>The above text returns:</p>

<p>Here is a <span style="color:#990000">nice text</span> string about nothing in particular.</p>


<p>Wraps text at the specified <strong>character</strong> count while maintaining complete words.  Example:</p>

<code>$string = "Here is a simple string of text that will help us demonstrate this function.";<br />
<br />
echo word_wrap($string, 25);<br />
<br />
// Would produce:<br />
<br />
Here is a simple string<br />
of text that will help<br />
us demonstrate this<br />

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