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$lang['greater_than']		= "The %s field must be greater than %s.";
$lang['less_than']			= "The %s field must be less than %s.";
$lang['equal_to']			= "The %s field must be equal to %s.";
$lang['max_count']			= "The %s field can have no more than %s checkboxes selected.";
$lang['min_count']			= "The %s field must have at least %s checkboxes selected.";
$lang['valid_textdate']		= "The %s field does not contain a valid date.";
$lang['valid_texttime']		= "The %s field does not contain a valid time.";
$lang['valid_textdatetime']	= "The %s field does not contain either a valid date or time.";
$lang['alpha_dash_space']	= "The %s field may only contain alpha-numeric characters, underscores, dashes and spaces.";
$lang['valid_person_name']	= "The %s field does not contain a valid person name.";
$lang['color_hex']			= "The %s field is not a valid hex color.";

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