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<?php if (!defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');
     * Preferences Language Array
     * Contains all language strings used by the Preference class.
     * @package         BackendPro
     * @subpackage      Languages
     * @author          Adam Price
     * @copyright       Copyright (c) 2008
     * @license         http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl.html
     $lang['preference_saved_successfully'] = "The '%s' preferences have been saved successfully";
     /** -------------------------------------- CONTROL PANEL SETTING STRINGS */
     // General Configuration
     $lang['preference_label_site_name'] = "Name of your site";
     // Member Settings
     $lang['preference_desc_account_activation_time'] = 'Number of days before a user must have activated their account';
     $lang['preference_desc_autologin_period'] = 'Number of days for which the user will be logged in automaticaly';
     // Security Preferences
     $lang['preference_label_use_login_captcha'] = 'Use Login Captcha?';
     $lang['preference_label_use_registration_captcha'] = 'Use Registration Captcha?';
     // Email Configuration
     $lang['preference_label_automated_from_name'] = 'Return name for auto-generated emails';
     $lang['preference_label_automated_from_email'] = 'Return email address for auto-generated emails';
     $lang['preference_desc_automated_from_email'] = 'If you leave this blank, many email servers will consider your email spam';
     $lang['preference_label_email_mailpath'] = 'Sendmail path';
     $lang['preference_desc_email_mailpath'] = 'Server path to the Sendmail application';
     $lang['preference_label_smtp_host'] = 'SMTP Server';
     $lang['preference_desc_smtp_host'] = 'Use this only if you choose SMTP';
     $lang['preference_label_smtp_user'] = 'SMTP Username';
     $lang['preference_desc_smtp_user'] = 'Use this only if you choose SMTP';
     $lang['preference_label_smtp_pass'] = 'SMTP Password';
     $lang['preference_desc_smtp_pass'] = 'Use this only if you choose SMTP';
     $lang['preference_label_smtp_port'] = 'SMTP Port';
     $lang['preference_label_smtp_timeout'] = 'SMTP Timeout';
     $lang['preference_desc_smtp_timeout'] = 'Number in seconds';
     $lang['preference_label_email_mailtype'] = 'Default Email Format';
     $lang['preference_label_email_charset'] = 'Email Character Encoding';
     $lang['preference_label_email_wordwrap'] = 'Enable Wordwrap?';
     $lang['preference_label_email_wrapchars'] = 'Character count to wrap at';
     $lang['preference_desc_email_wrapchars'] = 'Number of characters to wrap at';
     $lang['preference_label_bcc_batch_mode'] = 'BCC Batch Mode?';
     $lang['preference_desc_bcc_batch_mode'] = 'Batch Mode breaks up large mailings into smaller groups, which get sent at intervals. Recommended if your site is hosted on a shared-hosting account.';
     $lang['preference_label_bcc_batch_size'] = 'Number of Emails Per Batch';
     $lang['preference_desc_bcc_batch_size'] = 'For average servers, 200 is a safe number';
     // Maintenance & Debuging Settings  
     $lang['preference_label_maintenance_mode'] = 'Is system off?';
     $lang['preference_desc_maintenance_mode'] = 'If system is off, only Super Admins will be able to see your site';     
     $lang['preference_label_maintenance_message'] = 'Message';
     $lang['preference_desc_maintenance_message'] = 'Message displayed if system is off';     
     $lang['preference_label_page_debug'] = 'Enable System Debugging?';
     $lang['preference_desc_page_debug'] = 'Show important infomation about code execution';     
     $lang['preference_label_keep_error_logs_for'] = 'Archive Error Logs?';
     $lang['preference_desc_keep_error_logs_for'] = 'Number of days to archive error logs for';
      *     Format:
      *     For a preference label name:
      *     $lang['preference_label_{preference_name}'] = '';
      *     For a preference description:
      *     $lang['preference_desc_{preference_desc}'] = ''; 

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