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<title>Solo Enterprises, LLC Computer Support Home | Enter Your Service Code</title>
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<meta name="DESCRIPTION" content="Professional on-site network and computer service in Dana Point, San Clemente, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Ocean Side, Del Mar and other areas of south Orange County. Web Design, Web Site Hosting">
<meta name="KEYWORDS" Content="computer service orange county repair support network dana point san clemente del mar chino firewall business residential support virus antivirus pc microsoft certified computers networks web design web site hosting">

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    <td colspan="6" rowspan="3" valign="top" ><table width="100%" height="57"background="http://www.soloenterprises.org/images/bodybgtop.gif">
        <td width="90%"><h3>Service Code </h3></td>
        <td width="10%">&nbsp;</td>
            <table width="100%"  border="0">
          <td colspan="2">
		    <p class="newsbody">Our motto &quot;We Speak <strong><em>Your</em></strong> Language&quot; really means something to us. Many companies can talk to your computer or network, but we can also talk to you, the client. If you are sick of speaking to computer geeks with no personality or ability to express ideas in non-technical language or worse, no English, then contact us. We pride ourselves on being computer experts that are also &quot;normal&quot; people. SOLOEnterprises, L.L.C. proudly serves the Orange County area with computer repair, network consulting and trouble shooting.</p>
	      <p class="newsbody">&nbsp;</p></td>
          <td width="45%" valign="top"><h3>Please Enter Your SOLOHelp.com Service Code Number. </h3>
            <form action="index.php#anch" method="POST">
              <input type="text" name="serviceid" >
              <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Get Your Drivers">
              <input type="hidden" name="submit" value="Submit Service Tag Number">
          <p class="newsbody">&nbsp;</p></td>
          <td width="55%" valign="top" class="contactform"><div align="center"><a name="anch"></a><img src="http://www.soloenterprises.org/images/servicecodepic1.jpg" width="320" height="240"><br>
              <span class="google">(usually located on the bottom of your computer)</span></div></td>
       if (!empty($_POST)) { // form is subitted
include("db.php"); // setup connection to mysql
$sql = "SELECT drivers.id, drivers.name, drivers.link, drivers.cat FROM servicetag, drivers WHERE servicetag.id='$serviceid' AND drivers.id IN(servicetag.mb, servicetag.vid, servicetag.lan, servicetag.sound, servicetag.modem, servicetag.scsi, servicetag.other1, servicetag.other2, servicetag.other3, servicetag.other4)";
$res_cat = mysql_query($sql) or die(mysql_error()); // handle to category set
if (mysql_num_rows($res_cat) < 1) {
   echo "<h3>Sorry <font color=\"red\">$serviceid</font> Could Not Be Found. <br> Please Check the Service Code and Try Again<br>If that fails Please call SOLOHelp.com at 949-429-5536</h3>";
} else {
   // continue with the rest.

print "<table><tr><td width=\"50%\" valign=\"top\"><h3>Here Are Your Drivers and any Software Packages that came with your <br>";
print "Custom SOLOHelp.com Computer</h3></td><td>";
while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($res_cat)) { // fetch the row
print "<p class=\"newsbody\"><a href=\"{$row['link']}\">{$row['name']}</a><br>";
print "</p></td></tr></table>";

    <td><img src="http://www.soloenterprises.org/images/spacer.gif" width="1" height="140" border="0" alt=""></td>
   <td colspan="6"><table width="100%" background="http://www.soloenterprises.org/images/bodybgnews.gif" >
   <td><img src="http://www.soloenterprises.org/images/spacer.gif" width="1" height="76" border="0" alt=""></td>
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