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    <title><% $basename %> release notes</title>
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    <h1><% $basename %> release notes</h1>

    <p>This release was compiled on <% $time %>.</p>


    <p>Changes since 3.0-Beta:</p>

        <b>New plugins</b>
            ContextMenu plugin (provides a nice context menu with common
            operations, including table ops, link ops, etc.)
            CSS plugin (provides an easy way to insert/change CSS classes)
            FullPage plugin (allows HTMLArea to edit a whole HTML file,
            not only the content within &lt;body&gt;.)
        <b>Changes in the SpellChecker plugin</b>
            Many bugfixes: now it works ;-)  Fully Unicode-safe.
            Speed and bandwidth optimization: reports the list of
            suggestions only once for each mispelled word; this helps
            in cases where you have, for instance, the word “HTMLArea”
            in 10 places all over the document; the list of
            suggestions for it--which is kind of huge--will only be
            included <em>once</em>.
            User interface improvements: the highlighted word will
            remain in view; in cases where it's normally outside, the
            window will be scrolled to it.
            Added a "Revert" button for those that change their minds ;-)
            Added a "Info" button which reports information about the
            document, retrieved by the server-side spell checker:
            total number of words, total number of mispelled words,
            number of suggestions made, spell check time, etc.  More
            can be easily added.  <span class="fixme">FIXME: this part
            is not yet internationalized.</span>
            The server-side spell checker now uses XML::DOM instead of
            HTML::Parser, which means that it will be unable to parse
            “tag-soup” HTML.  It needs valid code.  Usually HTMLArea
            generates valid code, but on rare occasions it might fail
            and the spell checker will report a gross error message.
            This gonna have to be fixed, but instead of making the
            spell checker accept invalid HTML I prefer to make
            HTMLArea generate valid code, so changes are to be done in
            other places ;-)
        <b>Changes in the core editor</b>
            Easier to setup: you only need to load
            <tt>htmlarea.js</tt>; other scripts will be loaded
            automatically.  <a href="reference.html">Documentation</a>
            and <a href="examples/">examples</a> updated.
            Better plugin support (they register information about
            themselves with the editor; can register event handlers for
            the editor, etc.)
            New about box; check it out, it's cool ;-)
            Word cleaner (can be enabled to automatically kill Word crap
            on paste (see Config.killWordOnPaste); otherwise accessible by
            pressing CTRL-0 in the editor; a toolbar button will come up
            Image preview in "insert image" dialog.  Also allows
            modification of current image, if selected.
            New "insert link" dialog, allows target and title
            specification, allows editing links.
            Implemented support for text direction (left-to-right or
            Lots of bug fixes!  ... and more, I guess ;-) an
            automatically generated <a href="ChangeLog">change log</a>
            is now available.

    <p>I don't have the power to go through the <a
system</a> at SourceForge
    now.  Some of the bugs reported there may be fixed; I'll update
    their status, some other time.  If you reported bugs there and now
    find them to be fixed, please let me know.</p>


    <p>Changes since 3.0-Alpha:</p>


      <li>Performance improvements.</li>

      <li>Many bugs fixed.</li>

      <li>Plugin infrastructure.</li>

      <li>TableOperations plugin.</li>

      <li>SpellChecker plugin.</li>

      <li>Status bar.</li>

      <li>API for registering custom buttons and drop-down boxes in the

      <li>Toolbar can contain text labels.</li>

      <li>Cut, copy, paste, undo, redo buttons.</li>

    <h2>Rationale for Beta</h2>

    <p>Why was this released as "Beta"?  The code is quite stable and it
    didn't deserve a "Beta" qualification.  However, there are some things
    left to do for the real 3.0 version.  These things will not affect the
    API to work with HTMLArea, in other words, you can install the Beta
    right now and then install the final release without modifying your
    code.  That's if you don't modify HTMLArea itself.  ;-)</p>

    <h2>To-Do before 3.0 final</h2>


      <li>We should use a single popup interface.  Currently there are two:
      dialog.js and popupwin.js; dialog.js emulates modal dialogs, which
      sucks when you want to open "select-color" from another popup and not
      from the editor itself.  Very buggy in IE.  We should probably use only
      modeless dialogs (that is, popupwin.js).</li>

      <li>Internationalization for the SpellChecker plugin.</li>

      <li>Internationalization for the TableOperations plugin.</li>

      <li>People who sent translations are invited to re-iterate through
        their work and make it up-to-date with lang/en.js which is the main
        lang file for HTMLArea-3.0.  Some things have changed but not all
        translations are updated.</li>


    <hr />
    <address><a href="http://dynarch.com/mishoo/">Mihai Bazon</a></address>
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  $project => 'HTMLArea'
  $version => '3.0'
  $release => 'rc1'
  $basename => 'HTMLArea-3.0-rc1'

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