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Upgrade Notes to Communication Kit V01.02.05

1. News Boards. These are enabled on the Site screen.
Once enabled they are available on the Site Map to create.
Each board is a unique list with postings to the board displayed latest first so it is good for "latest news" or "prayer requests" or anything.
Once a page is created for a board, it can either be displayed in its own right or included in any other page.
You could display it on the Welcome page for example.
Note that there is a new System Group called Board Administrator. This needs to be allocated to anyone (including site admins) who will be approving/deleting the posts.
2. Pages can be taken offline by any page publisher or administrator.

3. A "new" icon can be displayed by setting the number of days to display the icon after a change to a page.
This is set on the Application screen.
Note that the feature will only be visible after the first logout/login following it being enabled.

4. More improvements to the Page Usage screen.

1. Fatal error when adding a Form page.
2. Search sometimes fails with index missing.
3. Activation Errors 
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