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Notes for the 01.02.01 Upgrade

1. The loading of a new version from a zip file uses features that have problems (bugs?) when used with FreeBSD. If your provider uses this operating system, then you must set the variable $freebsd to TRUE in local. If not then please set it to FALSE.
i.e. add this line to local_inc.php in the first section with the other local variables:

$freebsd = TRUE;   or 
$freebsd = FALSE;

If you are not sure then use freebsd=FALSE and see if the version screen gives you errors.

Note: the features disabled when using FreeBSD include the setting of the date/time of each uploaded file to the original date/time of the file in the zip. When disabled all uploaded files are set to the time of upload. Another feature disabled is date/time checking on upload. You can take advantage of this feature, if for any reason you want to apply an old set of programs, then set your $freebsd to true!

2. There is now a feature to make pages appear for a set period of time, this is called "time limited pages". For these you set a Publish Date and an Expiry Date on the page settings.

To enable this feature, you must set the system flag on the application screen called "Enable Time Limited Pages".

The page is deleted once x days have elapsed after the expiry of the page where x is set on the application screen "Days to Retain Expired Pages". During the time between expiry and deletion the page is still visible to admins where it can be edited/reinstated in the normal way.

3. There is a new program called Submit a Page. This allows anyone with access to the screen (maybe even make it a public page!) to enter basic details of a page they would like to be published. They can choose certain things like Menu Block and Time Limited dates. However they cannot set permissions. 

Once a page is entered, it is only visible to site administators, or to menu block admins for the block in which the page has been placed. It appears as a link in italics prefixed with an asterisk. The tool tip text is also prefixed with "Page Waiting Approval".

When the page is displayed a button appears which allows the page to be published as it is, or you can edit the page details or permissions first.
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