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Comic pub is aimed to be an easy to use web comic publishing system.

What I hope to include in it is the following features:
	Upload of comic and auto name
	For New Comics:
		Dis/Allow comments
		Title it
		Artists desc. / news
		High Quality and lower quality version
		Allow to post comics that will appear in the future now (pre-dating)
	Editing Wise:
		Change old titles
		Remove/edit user comments
		Change the actual comic target
	General Public:
		Email notificatication of new comics w/ link
		Calendar Listing All Comics (Chris)
		Searchable Keyword Archive (chris)
		Name and Pass for auth
		Automated stats system of whats getting the views, etc
		Stats emailed on a regular basis (weekly?)

All these are options mind you and they'll all be customizable through a web gui
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