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CodeTrack ToDos:

Scrub cookie data

QA report is wrong...

Parameterize 30 in QA stats

Make sure to add "This should never happen" to all internal messages

Clean up PHP/HTML escapes in addEditBugForm

value="x" ???

key create, use multi-alpha generator

example.com everywhere

Check if "All Projects" & "this is a kludge" for internationalization

Open up all column labels on home page in config.inc.php, check for internationalization

Add suggestion to Internationalization die to check .inc file for phrase

Uncomment project mod

Update users

Update projects

Enforce proj permissions

Clean up indents in functions.inc.php

Check error log for PHP

Sweep all die_now msgs

What's up with "lifespan" hardcode strstr in defect stats? a) fucked up, and b) no localized

SVN integration

Update locale file for real php date URL

Sweep zztops and Why does this work?

nice-to-have: dying inside export should not display inside dump file (only -- i.e., no screen indicator)

read_only_table is actually a pivot_table:  labels on left, single entry array. Rename it.

clean up leading tabs on codetrack.php

sweep inline styles as much as possible

validate admin & tools for included tips

phpdocs for all functions?

localize & rewrite help -- it sucks

tab order on new & edit bug

add docx, wri, and open office extensions on allowed upload file types

force ssl DEFINE

pull email (or look at portable drive) for mail mod

consider basic authentication

Are we using a random salt + hash?

css: txtSmall is a stupid name...  Maybe txtResult ?

diff css & w3css w/ original (button background magic screwiness)


Major security update (per-installation server key)
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