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		<strong> A Few Tips </strong><br />

			<li> To create a quick defect report in Excel, just click Export Data (above), then click Download. <br /><br /></li>
			<li> On the New and Edit screens, send an email notification to other team members by clicking the envelope. <br /><br /></li>
			<li> To see an audit trail of all the changes that have been made to an issue, click on the ID, then History. <br /><br /></li>
			<li> Print pages in landscape mode. <br /><br /></li>
			<li> If printing from Internet Explorer, enable prettier reports: Tools/Internet Options/Advanced/Print Background colors. <br /><br /></li>
			<li> The Help button above is context-sensitive -- the text changes depending on which screen you&apos;re on. </li>

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