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        The CodeTrack system is comprised of the following files:


 codetrack.php            A monument to both modular programming and extreme recursion!
 config.inc.php           Customization settings for CodeTrack (options, behaviors, email, etc.)

Client-side Validation

 form_validate.js         Global JavaScript library of form validation functions (most .js will call this)
 bugform_prevalidate.js   Code to set message properties and focus on new/edit bug form
 login_validate.js        Code to perform missing field checks and focus for login page
 userform_prevalidate.js  Code to set message properties and focus on new/edit user form
 table_sort.js            Allows W3C-DOM compliant browsers (all platforms) to sort data tables client-side


 CHANGELOG.txt             Text log of CVS history to this code base.  Three years in the making...
 CUSTOMIZING.txt           List of options available in config.inc.php
 FILES.txt                 You're reading it now.
 FUNCTIONS.txt             A list of all the functions in CodeTrack, along with input structures
 GPL_FAQ.html              Frequently Asked Questions about the GNU Public License (GPL).  Excellent resource.
 help.html                 An first draft of the CodeTrack user manual
 INSTALL.txt               Procedure for installing CodeTrack in 5 minutes or less
 LICENSE.txt               The full text of the GNU Public License (GPL)
 NAMING_CONVENTIONS.txt    A short explanation of the rationale for CodeTrack internal coding conventions
 TROUBLESHOOTING.txt       Common problems and solutions in installation
 WHATS_NEW.txt             List of features and bugs fixes new to v.0.99.1


 blue.gif                  A 1x5 gif used to render bar plots
 email.gif                 A little icon for the new/edit issue screen

MetaData (used in some export functions)

 bugs.dtd                  XML Document Type Definitions (DTD) for the structure of the bugs datafile
 users.dtd                 XML DTD for the structure of the users datafile
 projects.dtd              XML DTD for the structure of the projects datafile
 permissions.dtd           XML DTD for the structure of the permissions datafile (Experimental)


  index.html               A redirector to codetrack.php; allows http://servername/codetrack/


codetrack.css             Cascading Style Sheet for basic presentation (all browsers, including NN4)
codetrack_w3c.css         Cascading Style Sheet for W3C DOM-compliant (i.e., MacIE5, WinIE6, Mozilla, Opera 7+, etc.)

XML Databases

 bugs.xml                  The central bugs table.  Inserts only.
 users.xml                 The central users table.  Inserts on new users.  All else=updates
 projects.xml              The central projects table.  Inserts on new projects.  All else=updates.
 permissions.xml           A bridge table to list user access authorizations.   Heavy DML. (Experimental)

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