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   CVS Change Log for CodeTrack v.0.99.3

Begin v.99.3
    Minor release to integrate to v.0.99.2 patch (unset string offsets bug) replacing all
    all deprecated globals ($HTTP_X_VARS) with their superglobal counterparts($_GET, etc.)
    for full PHP5 support.

Begin v.99.2
    This is a minor *patch* to v.0.99.1 to enable CodeTrack to play well with PHP5
    Minor mods to initializing global xml_array_g() to array, fixes: Fatal error:
      Cannot unset string offsets in /home/httpd/htdocs/development/codetrack.php on line 2912

Begin v.99.1
     v.0.99.1 Packaged for release!
     Working on the first bug boundary condition.  Identified issue in 1-element global
      array with non-zero index in global variable in parse_xml.  Corrected via
      temp swap and unset in lieu of array_pop().  New behavior in PHP 4.3+?
     Implemented self-diagnostic css classes for Apache read configuration
      problems on style, images, and js directories.
     Completed configurable GUEST access controls, set via CT_GUESTS_CAN_EDIT
     Removed constraint of read-only table on add_edit_bug for guests
     Fixed minor single-length project array walk bug on search results
     Added Role and fixed minor typo on new user notification
     Last minute IE fix for focus on password change and (future-proofing)
      user maintenance permissions using document.forms[''].elements[''] container
     Corrected draw_add_edit_bug_form() to make third argument optional
     Completed access controls to limit close/deleting issues
      (CT_QA_ENFORCE_PRIVS and CT_QA_WHO_CAN_CLOSE). This is now
      fully configurable:  Only QA or Admin, not Developers or Managers,
      etc.  Form controls are grayed out for unauthorized roles.
     Customizing preferred title is too convoluted on search results.
     Minor fix to expiration message logic
      (if timeout via client, code comments more clearly explain logic flow,
       and client session expiration message is explicit).
     Final formatting clean-up and updates for documentation prior to v. 0.99.1 freeze
     W3C validation passes on CSS, and XHTML Strict for all major application screens
     Nuked orphaned "attach" CSS class
     Fixed up all top-level page title fonts.  Much purtier..
     Removed DEFINE reference to CT_TIME_FORMAT (deprecated)
     Discovered galloping Attach node on new vs. update (invalidates
      the XML, if the DTD is followed strictly)
     First attempts to correct out-of-order bugs.dtd
     Overhauled all js prevalidates and form focus (moved to external js),
      by properly labeling forms with id, then checking for DOM getElementByID,
      then returning the form object to existing validations.
     Broke doc type section out as a single function
     Passed XHTML Strict for all main pages
     Commented out phpinfo on debug clauses -- doh!
     Fixed default project not working on main page (probably lost CSS redesign).
     Added PHP-side validation for all key form saves
     Added logic to attempt a cookie-off check (referrer is codetrack.php, but no cookie)
     noJavascript class genericized to cfgProb
     CSS fixed width for new/edit bug table (Gecko fix)
     Stumbled onto the form name=bad, form input name=good,
      maybe required by XHTML
     Fixed conflicting name/id on attach field in new/edit form
     Nuked "attach" CSS
     First foray into getElementById for all form validation and focus...
     Removed remaining print-friendly border references everywhere.
     Moved DEFINES to separate file
     Reorganized DEFINES (more common ones to top)
     Fixed visited A nav color bug
     Fixed client-side (js) password/username checks on login
     Added MacIE5 check on column sort js
     Fixed change password validation error (js)
     Fixed Tools not showing as current
     Reverted cookie redirects with location rather than META
      (be kind to ancient NN4, plus REFRESH 0 is deprecating...)
     More GPL references, including FAQ
     Fairly major commit update.
     Fixed off-by-one on first bug generation.
     Fixed js validation failing on ID-named (versus name-named) form elements.
     Fixed default focus on all forms screens.
     Cut down on over-zealous js validation:
     o Eliminated US-centric phone (client and server)
     o Username auto-generation is now optional
     o Password is auto-generation optional
     o Phone is no longer required
     o Password minimum length is configurable CT_MIN_PASSWORD_LENGTH
     Proactive checks for duplicate usernames (accession numbers applied
      if so).
     Home page is now sorted by severity (which is more useful
     than status, given that status=open is the default).
     Some CSS bling-bling for modern browsers, for form
     field focus (naturally IE isn't compliant.  Ah well...)
     Cosmetic touches for forms screens, indicating required fields.
     Rolled back user access permission options (not working).
     Admin is 'admin', initial password is 'codetrack'
     (anyone using this password will be sent to the change password form).
     On login, do a defacto css check with display: none messages
     Centered Prev/Next buttons
     Final polish on CSS - gray box hovers on links, fixed hover on current nav
     Updated QA statistics
     Minor mods to report options (emphasized current project)
     Switched printer friendly to javascript this.print() (CSS will do away with p-friendly)
     CSS bling, bling (black box hovers on A links)
     Fixed inconsistent titles on login/main screen
     Minor fix to HR
     Prune DTD directory
     New/Edit Bug form XHTML strict valid, and decent layout.
     Fixes to MIME downloads.
     Relocated DTDs so that XML tree in browser works
     Fixed Today/Yesterday logic problem with timestamp comments.
     addEdit is valid!  Prev/Next still broken
     About to update draw_prev_next
     More de-crapification to add_edit_bug
     User and project tables still broken. Updating add_edit page.
     User and project tables still broken.  Scrapped the Gary filter.  One reference remains.  Sanity check.
     Attempting to fix all-columns-in-filter on table problem.  Broken, but known...
     Nav buttons rational NN and DOM.
     Lots of style changes.  Probably F'd something up...
     Project change method is optionally a traditional GET if onchange is inadequate.
     Resolved min-height bug with bodyFrame div in IE.
     Safety check.  TR title for results and pageTitle hover.  Valid
     Homepage is XHTML Strict valid!!!
     More CSS integration love.  Nav bar is working, not valid yet...
     Fixed Opera problem w/ gold boxes on Login (didn't like user_login), added table_sort.js (never added earlier).  Login page is XHTML strict valid.
     Column sorts and more CSS...  RFS but incomplete.
     Safely branch prior to ripping.  Initial checkins of bargraph and css data table.
Begin v.99g (massive presentational overhaul
     Overhaul of Admin links page, reworded and added all technical documents
     Updated and verified global scope for these case blocks: audit, editissue, users, projects, changeproject,
      home, filter, search
     Enforced proactive admin checks for all admin functions.
     Updated and verified global scope and for these ADMIN case blocks: dobackup, admin, projectaccess, backup,
      savepermissions, adduser, addproject, usermaintenance, saveuser, saveproject
     savebug and searchbug are now saveissue and searchissue
     Paranoia scrub on $page
     Export fully functionalized
     Fixed bug where HTML special characters (i.e., """) was appearing in Excel/CVS/SQL files
     Added function reverse_htmlspecialchars()
     Fixed bug/feature where newlines were embedded in export files.  New constant added CT_NEWLINE_SYMBOL
     New constant CT_MAX_DESCR_SIZE to remove hard-coded string lengths for issue descriptions
     savebug (new/updated) issue updated for global scope
     $existing_submit_time now $original_submit_time
     Backups function overhauled to allow relative or absolute paths, in Windows or Unix
     All comments overhauled (saved 15% file size!)
     Gut check:  28 discreet pages in CodeTrack now!
     More space formatting decrappification...
     Admin can now reset anyone's password without knowing it
     More updates to comply with register global off.  Pain in my ass...
     Genericized update_password() into update_user(), cleaned up admin logic flow
     Renamed ambiguous (and confusing) $user_data on login with $user_entry (collided with $user_data on update password)
     Made all sizeof() variables conform to convention foo_cnt
     Cleanup to html page literals
     Explicit $page passed to draw_page_top()
     Application-wide comprehensive W3C compliance checks/fixes
     Code formatting fixes (consistent spacing around function body blocks)
     Simplified page names (search, users, projects)
     Functionalized full text search
     Major overhaul to search logic, including brakes for run-away (100+ result) queries, max results is DEFINEd
     Added field filter on search, allows restricting queries to specific fields such as only developer
     Added word phrase filter on search, i.e., "blue screen" instead of "blue" or "screen"
     Fixed incorrect div with span on devResponse highlighting
     Added missing break on addissue case block
     Began conversion for non-global scope. Login & home working.
     Instantiate $page via HTTP_x_VARS (GET AND POST) -- required for out-of-the-box compatibility w/ php 4.2+ php.ini defaults
     Instantiate $user_login[] array and $failed flag on login page
     MAX_UPLOAD_FILESIZE set to php.ini default (2MB)
     Added proactive Javascript-is-enabled check on all pages (noscript tags redirect back to login page)
     Data scrub for full-text search string $pattern (alphanumeric only)
     Minor cleanup in drawtable()
     Complete overhall of all CodeTrack DEFINES (consistent, rational names prepended with CT_)
     Updated all internal references from "buglist" to "home"
     Updated all internal references from "newbug" to "newissue"
     Updated all internal references from "deletedbugs" to "deletedissues"
     Updated all internal references from "editbug" to "editissue"
     Updated all links to sync new directory organization
     Added missing permissions.dtd
     Corrected non-admin redirect following password change (i.e., non-admins shouldn't get bounced back "Admin" page)
     Added current user role = admin check on admin page
     Allow optional default project on login page (allows mouse-free logins)
     Added CSS class for developer-has-not-responded on home page status (status in red) -- Note: Commit main.css too!
v.0.99 reorg phase 2
     Formatting updates on History link on Edit bug page.
     Merging prep for v.0.99 Beta
     Functionalized savebug.
     Parameterized which columns are displayed on the Home page
     Converted all PHP short tags to explicit long tags, for better compatibility w/ XML
     De-crappified Abt backwards compatibility (was source of last update time bug on home page)
     Fixed project drop downs sorted by ID, not Title
     Added simple full-text search for bug reports with "printer friendly" reports
     Optional checkbox on add user will e-mail
     login/password & URL information to new user
     Fixed home page not displaying true last update time
     CODETRACK_MAX_UPLOAD_FILE_SIZE increased to same default size as that in php.ini (8MB)
     Fixed missing $ of page!=logout (now $page!=logout)
     Added additional browsers (Opera 6.0 and Mozilla 1.0)
     Fixed misplaced ; terminator on set_cookie_load_page inside SCRIPT tag
0.99pre1 -- full text search, user creation notification.
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