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CNStats STD - a real-time system for Web statistics accumulation and analysis.

For details see User manual.

 Installation of the CNStats STD
 Updating the old version


This software is designed for web-site statistics collection and 
analysis in on-line mode. A series of reports becomes available for 
a web-master right upon the installation, allowing to find out about 
the most popular pages, general information about web-site visitors, 
and choose optimal ways for the web-site development. 


1. The downloaded distribution should be unpacked in the root 
   directory of the web-server.

2. It is necessary to run and follow instructions of the installation 
   script. You may do this by going to the address: 

3. After the installation procedure is over you will be given a 
   configuration file code to be stored in the file '/cnstats/config.php'

4. You will be also provided with a counter code to be stored in every 
   page of your site. 

										   Thank you for using CNStats!
                                                     "CN-Software" Ltd.
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